Matt Roloff Posts Photo With Jacob After Amy's Accusation

Matt Roloff

With a certain former Little People, Big World star's special day fast approaching, there's been some buzz about the upcoming nuptials, and not exactly for the best reason. Recently, Amy Roloff revealed Matt didn't want Jacob getting married at the family farm. But it appears all is good in the neighborhood, as Matt Roloff's photo with Jacob shows how excited he is for his son's upcoming wedding.

  • Matt took to the 'Gram to share a loving father-son photo with his youngest.

    "Look who popped over for a visit ... they wanted to show me the final look of the New Man!" Matt Roloff shared in his Instagram post. "Working hard every day getting the farm shaped up for their big day."

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  • Seeing Matt talk about Jacob's upcoming wedding at the farm is heartwarming, especially because Amy said he didn't want him getting married there.

    "When we first agreed to this back in January of 2019 … I put down November 1 of 2019, because originally he had kind of suggested, 'nope Jacob is not going to get married here,'" Amy Roloff revealed in a recent Facebook Live video about Matt not wanting Jacob to get married on Roloff Farms.

    "And I thought 'Jacob not married on the farm? What is he talking about?' All the kids got married on the farm … No way!' That pulled me in, the guard went up ....

    That wasn't discussed on camera, and I wasn't a big fan of Matt at the time. I do want to say though -- 'cause things can get construed differently on the internet -- Matt is into the wedding. But I feel like I had some part in making that happen by putting that date for me not to move out of the farmhouse."

  • There's been talk of Jacob and Matt having a strained relationship.

    Matt tried to dispel rumors he and Jacob were feuding last year, but that hasn't stopped LPBW fans from suspecting there's tension between the father-son duo -- especially because Jacob didn't mention his dad in his book Out to See but did tip his hat to late family friend Mike Detjen, who he called both a "mentor" and "father figure."

  • But we're happy things between them look to be happy and positive.

    Obviously, rumors are rumors, but what Amy said was a bit unexpected and sad. Jacob Roloff tends to go against the grain compared to his family, but it's good to know he'll have his wedding at the family farm (assuming he really wanted to) like his siblings.