Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Might Be Expecting Baby #2 With Jen Harley

Jen Harley, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, Ariana Ortiz-Magro

Could this reality star dad be expecting another child? Welp, on Thursday night's Jersey Shore: Family Vacation episode, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley had a pregnancy scare, and it's leaving many wondering if they're welcoming baby #2 this year.

Hmm ...

  • On the show, Ronnie let everyone know that Jen was late and thinks she might be pregnant.

    She hasn't taken a test yet, so nothing's for sure -- and according to Ron, she wanted to wait until he could be there for her. 

    The off-again, on-again couple's daughter, Ariana, is just 15 months, so it would be really soon for Jen to have another kid. But hey, plenty of parents have their children close together in age and love it.

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  • And it's safe to say the rest of the cast isn't sure that Ronnie and Jen having another baby is a good idea.

    Snooki was especially vocal about it. "It's definitely crazy to think Jen's pregnant again, because we just never know where they are in their relationship -- if they're happy or if they're fighting in public or if she's dragging in a car," the new mom of three explained on camera. "I mean, I just want them to be good before they bring another baby into this world."

    Makes sense -- Ronnie and Jen's relationship has been a volatile one at times. After all, it was just earlier this year that Ronnie filed a domestic battery report against Jen, claiming that she'd hit him with an ashtray on New Year's Eve ... and that was hardly their first altercation. As Snooki mentioned, there's also that time Jen got arrested after dragging Ronnie with her car when she sped away as he was trying to get out and got stuck in his seat belt.

    And the list goes on and on ...

  • But as far as Ronnie's concerned, Jen possibly being pregnant isn't a bad thing at all. 

    "I love being a father," he said. "I'm excited about it. I would rather have another child with Jen than have another child with another woman." 

    Well, Ronnie's opinion is the only one that really counts here (and Jen's, of course). If they're good with it, then that's all that matters.

  • Fans of the show couldn't help but chime in after seeing the episode ... and not for support.

    Facebook comments

    Judging by this reaction, Jersey Shore fans aren't jumping for joy at the thought of Ronnie and Jen having another baby. Heaven knows their relationship isn't healthy (How many times do the police need to get involved?), so adding another baby into the mix just doesn't seem wise.

  • Ronnie didn't clarify whether or not Jen actually ended up being pregnant, but we have a feeling they're not expecting.

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    Lake Day #LinkInBio

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    After all, Ronnie just posted this photo of their day at the lake two weeks ago, and Jen definitely doesn't look pregnant to us. Besides, if she was with child, wouldn't they have announced by now?

  • And since The Situation was in this episode, it seems like it was filmed a long time ago.

    Mike began his prison sentence in January, which means this episode was filmed sometime before that. That means at this point, Jen would have already had the baby or she'd be ready to pop.

    There would be no hiding it on social media anymore!

  • For now, it seems Ronnie and Jen are still just parents of one.

    And Ariana is just too adorable -- they're definitely a lucky mom and dad.

    Hopefully, if Jen and Ronnie ever do have baby #2, they'll keep us updated. But like Snooki said, they should definitely make sure they're in a good place in their relationship first.

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