Evidence Is Growing That There's Another Duggar Baby On the Way

John David and Abbie Duggar

We're never too far away from a Duggar pregnancy announcement, and Counting On fans think they know who is next: John David and Abbie (Burnett) Duggar. The couple just celebrated one year since they got engaged, and keen-eyed observers noticed their reluctance to share any new photos of Abbie, possibly because she's starting to show.

  • Fans wanted to know why they didn't share any new photos, especially considering the last one is from over two months ago.

    The most recent photo before the proposal anniversary post was this one, which was posted on Mother's Day. Hmmm, maybe that was even a clue? 

    Plus we are fairly certain there's at least one secret Duggar pregnancy right now, thanks to Jessa (Duggar) Seewald's slip-up in her memorial post for Grandma Mary Duggar. Jessa wrote, "She was so excited about the many new great-grandbabies due this coming fall and winter, and it never got old for her."

    Jessa just had baby Ivy Jane. Anna Duggar, Lauren (Swanson) Duggar, and Kendra (Caldwell) Duggar are all due in November, and cousin Amy (Duggar) King is due in October. Joy-Anna (Duggar) Forsyth was due in November too, before her daughter was stillborn at 20 weeks. 

    Who is due in the winter? The only possibilities for the married couples are either Abbie or Jill (Duggar) Dillard.

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  • John David and Abbie shared a series of photos from their engagement last year to their shared Instagram account.

    They tied the knot just three months later, on November 3, after the typically short Duggar engagement period. But that means it's been a full nine months since the wedding, which is an abnormally long period of time to wait to get pregnant in the Duggar family.

  • And fans started coming up with theories about Abbie's disappearance from social media.

    When one person commented that she didn't understand why John David and Abbie aren't posting more recent photos, others theorized that she's pregnant.

  • "Because she's already knocked up," responded one.

  • Another agreed.

  • And lots of people just plain wondering when they're going to hear an announcement.

  • We're just saying -- we won't be surprised to hear an announcement from these two soon.

    We'll just be over here waiting to pop the sparkling cider!