Chad Michael Murray Shares Life Lessons About Being a '00s Boy Crush

Chad Michael Murray

Everyone who had a massive celebrity crush on Chad Michael Murray during the early 2000s, (don't worry, there are many of us) likely feel their hearts beating a little faster at the sound of his name. (Seriously, who didn't watch One Tree Hill and drool over Lucas Scott?) And now, years later, Chad is starring in a video about his early '00s movies

... and honestly, this is priceless content.

  • Chad sat down with E! News to talk about the 15th anniversary of A Cinderella Story and remind everyone who he is ... like we needed a reminder.

    He was in all our favorite movies. How could we possibly forget?!

    Chad was the honey from the 2000s, in roles on everything from Gilmore Girls to Dawson's Creek, Freaky Friday, A Cinderella Story, House of Wax, and much much more.

    So yeah, we know who Chad Michael Murray is (LOL).

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  • He explains he's much older now and feels like he's seasoned enough to share some life lessons based on the movies he was in ... and it's hilarious.

    Honestly, we don't need any reason (or excuse) to listen to Chad talk about life and what he learned playing teenage heartthrobs.

    This man is fine.

  • First up: Don't run off the field in the middle of a game just to kiss a girl.

    This clears up a lot of things about A Cinderella Story, actually. How could he stay on the team after that!? 

    "You will lose your friends, your dignity, and probably the game," he said. "Just wait 'til the game's over."

  • Next: Don't date your classmate after you asked out her mom and got rejected

    "There's a whole high school full of girls out there, figure it out," Chad asserts.

    This was one of the creepier aspects of Freaky Friday ... but then again, the whole movie was so implausible that we kinda just let it slide. Chad makes a good point, though.

  • He also made the point we've all been waiting to hear about A Cinderella Story.

    "If you go to a masquerade ball and a girl you see almost every day is wearing a small mask, as seen here, and her entire face is exposed, but you still can't recognize her, you should probably see an eye doctor ...  and a few other doctors," he said. 


    This part of the movie has frustrated us for years!

  • And then there's that gem of a pointer Chad bestowed about cheating that involved One Tree Hill.

    "Know that if you're cheating on your significant other with her best friend, make sure she doesn't have a webcam broadcasting it -- or just don't get involved with someone who has a webcam in their bedroom 24/7," he said. "Red flag alert!" 

    That's fair. In 2019, Peyton would never have had that camera in her room. (It's just not safe.) Also, cheating? Never OK.

    Still, One Tree Hill is one of our favorite 2000s TV shows to date.

  • Here's the video in full (it's worth watching every second):

    We cannot possibly be more thankful that E! News put Chad up to this, because it's all we ever wanted. Now, we're going to go rewatch A Cinderella Story. As ridiculous as it may be, it still gets us every time.

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