Miranda Lambert Posts Shirtless Video of Her 'House Husband' Hard at Work

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Miranda Lambert, Brendan McLoughlin
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So far, Miranda Lambert has chosen to only share bits and pieces of her life with new husband Brendan McLoughlin. And now, she's giving us another sneak peek into their relationship. On Wednesday, Miranda shared a video of her "house husband" doing laundry, and we can officially say that this couple is truly adorable.

  • In the video, Miranda sneaks up behind Brendan while he's putting clothes into the washing machine -- shirtless.

    "Come on. Really?" he says as soon as he sees the camera.

    It's pretty appropriate, considering that Miranda Lambert used the video to get fans pumped about her new music ... and one of her songs is called "It All Comes Out in the Wash." So was this staged or totally candid? Either way, it's nice to get a glimpse of what Miranda and Brendan's life is like when they're just home, hanging out, and doing chores around the house like anyone else.

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  • Fans are already singing his praises, and Miranda herself can't help but agree.

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    We've gotta admit it -- she's got a point. It seems as if this guy treats Miranda really well, and she's lucky to have found him ... even if their marriage (and relationship in general) seemed to come out of left field.

  • Plenty of others also chimed in about how lucky Miranda is. 

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    We'll second that ab comment!

    Miranda really seems to have hit the jackpot here, even though he seemed a little shady at first, what with those rumors about his last relationship and all. 

    (But for the record, all husbands should do laundry ... they are part of the household. Good job, Brendan!)

  • They've been a pretty private couple so far, but it seems as if Miranda and Brendan are getting along really well.

    Miranda Lambert and Brendon McLoughlin
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    Living in Nashville and commuting to New York -- where Brendan works as a police officer and where his son lives -- can't be easy, but these two are making it work.

  • We're just really glad to see Miranda so happy.

    Miranda Lambert, Brendan McLoughlin
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    That kind of smile while they're out and about, just walking around NYC together can't be faked. This lady is in love, and we're loving it for her.

    More shirtless laundry videos, please!

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