20 Times Prince William Almost Lost His Cool

20 Times Prince William Almost Lost His Cool
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For the most part, Prince William is considered a fairly measured guy. Sure, as far as the British royal family goes, he can appear to be a bit more candid at times and express his feelings more often than his father, Prince Charles, or grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. But overall, the Duke of Cambridge has a seriously even keel. 

Well, most of the time. 

On a few occasions, Prince William has almost lost it. At least that's what's certainly appeared to be the case in pictures. 

A few times Prince William's anger -- er, possible anger -- seems to have been warranted. (Remember that time topless Kate Middleton photos were published and Wills appeared a few days later, looking ready to eff stuff up?) But other times ... we don't know! What really gets under a future king's skin, Wills? Inquiring minds would really love to know. 

Despite Prince William's willingness to talk about his feelings on certain issues -- parenthood, for instance, and his mother, Princess Diana -- we still sometimes feel like there's stuff bubbling beneath the surface with William and we're not sure what. 

Was he angry or was the camera just catching him at the wrong moment? We'll probably never know, but we're kind of thinking the former. Here are 20 times Prince William looked like he was about to lose it. 

Deep breaths, Wills. 

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