Archie Harrison Is Already Making History at Only 2 Months Old


Meghan Markle, Prince Harry

He's already one trendy little boy! Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may have gotten some grief over naming their son Archie, but according to the latest baby name report, it tops the list so far of the most searched for boys' names of 2019. The popular baby name website Nameberry just revealed the top names for both boys and girls so far this year, and Archie didn't just top the list, it was ahead by a mile.

  • The name Archie has been searched 50 percent more than any other name.

    The page for the name Archie had 50 percent more views than any other name, according to Nameberry, which pointed out that Archie Harrison's birth in May was "largely to thank." 

    However, the name Archie was standing on its own even before Harry and Meghan named their little boy. The name was the fastest-rising boys' name in the US in 2018, and made it onto the Top 1000 Baby Names list for the first time in 30 years. Over in England, it's been on the Top 100 list since 2000.

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  • Archie is the diminutive of Archibald, which means "truly brave."

    It's also part of a growing trend of using nicknames on their own as complete first names. Jack also made the Top 10 list, as opposed to Jonathan or Jackson. The complete list so far for the boys in 2019 is:

    1. 1. Archie

    2. 2. Milo

    3. 3. Asher

    4. 4. Jasper

    5. 5. Silas

    6. 6. Theodore

    7. 7. Atticus

    8. 8. Jack

    9. 9. Aarav

    10. 10. Finn

  • Our favorite little princess also made the list for the girls.

    Prince George, Princess Charlotte
    Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

    The name Charlotte snagged the number five spot for popular girls' names in 2019, and we're not surprised. The name Louis was ranked at 32, and poor George -- his name didn't even crack the Top 100.

    The Top 10 girls' names so far this year are:

    1. 1. Isla

    2. 2. Olivia

    3. 3. Aurora

    4. 4. Ada

    5. 5. Charlotte

    6. 6. Amara

    7. 7. Maeve

    8. 8. Cora

    9. 9. Amelia

    10. 10. Posie

  • Harry and Meghan got a lot of criticism over their unconventional baby name, but it looks like they were just following the trend.

    When they announced Archie's name, some fans wondered if they could have "done better." Some even called him a "poor kid" for being shackled with such a moniker, and others straight up commented, "What the h---?"

    Whether people love or hate the name, it looks like we're going to be seeing it a lot more in the near future.