20 Times Kylie Jenner Rocked a Business-Like Look

Kayla Gleeson | Jul 12, 2019 Celebrities
20 Times Kylie Jenner Rocked a Business-Like Look
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kylie jenner vma white dress suit
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We've already gone over the fact that Kylie Jenner is the most business savvy out of all the Kardashian-Jenner women. As the first billionaire her age (we'll leave it up to audience interpretation as to whether she's "self-made" or not) it'd be crazy to not at least acknowledge that Kylie Cosmetics has made a gigantic imprint on the makeup world. Even if she had quite a bit of cash on her side to begin with, the numbers don't lie -- she must be doing something right professionally if she's made this much of an impact for this long. 

That's why we love when Kylie is all business.

It's incredible to think about all the things Kylie's doing at her age. Seriously -- let's stop to think about what we were doing at 21. Definitely not this! While some of us know how it is to be a young mom, literally no one could picture doing that and running a multimillion dollar business (except for the select millionaire moms reading this, to who we ask, "What's the secret?")

Aside from the outrageous amount of work that Kylie puts into her business, she never has to waste too much energy on looking good while doing it. Even some of her more casual outfits still look rich. Since her line of work has all to do with beauty, it makes sense that her professional wardrobe wouldn't necessarily consist of the typical blouse. If there's one thing she's made known, though, it's that this Jenner woman can definitely rock a blazer.

She's setting a good example for Stormi Webster -- and making us envious of her business-barbie looks!

  • Office Offenses


    It's obvious -- Kylie needs her space, Kris. Everyone works differently, though, and there's nothing wrong with that. After all, she needs it!

  • Marvelous Mogul

    Kylie Jenner white suit dress vma
    Splash News

    Yup, this is the one -- the outfit that everyone thinks of when they picture the young billionaire. We see those shoulder pads, girl.

  • Killer Queen

    Kylie Jenner black long coat sunglasses
    Splash News

    We love how extra this outfit is. It speaks volumes -- and it's mostly saying, "She runs a multimillion dollar empire."

  • Black & White

    Kylie Jenner white long jacket sunglasses
    Splash News

    Some things are just black and white -- like how Kylie Jenner knows style. Seriously -- how does she manage to capture "chill business" as a look?

  • Smile Ambassador


    Over 1,000 children can smile big now, thanks to Kylie's financial time and effort on the Smile Train. Here's to 1,000 more!

  • Leather Love

    Kylie Jenner leather jacket black dress sunglasses
    Splash News

    So leather isn't exactly the first thing people think of when they think "business." Kylie somehow manages to make it look sleek.

  • Starry White

    Kylie Jenner white suit dress blue hair
    Splash News

    Kylie sure loves white suit dresses, huh? It makes sense -- and we'd love to see more! Strut that business couture, Ky!

  • Mom on the Run

    Kylie Jenner Stormi Webster dress suit
    Splash News

    Talk about a working mother! Kylie can really do it all -- from business to bottles! After all -- what's a harder job?

  • Red Hot


    Now that's business casual! Okay -- maybe a little too casual. That red blazer definitely helps to keep things hot!

  • Launch Interview


    Unsurprisingly, when someone's as successful as Kylie, people are gonna wanna know the secrets to her fortune. Part of being a boss is knowing the company, inside and out!

  • Stormi World


    There's no busier job than being a mom. Even at little Stormi's birthday, Kylie's fashion still gives off an elite air.

  • Ms. Jenner


    She looks like she just divorced everyone who looks at this picture, and we're totally OK with it. Get it, Ky.

  • Spotting Fakes


    It's not a shock that people want what Kylie has. That's why she needs to have an eagle eye kept out for those who want to profit off of her.

  • Sitting Pretty

    kylie jenner chair black dress

    This is definitely a, "Hello, come into my office," kind of look. Don't call her, guys, she'll call you (or maybe not.)

  • Summer Suit


    It's the perfect suit for a hot day at the office ... sort of. If anything, it definitely makes for an all-around striking outfit.

  • Working Hard


    If we wanna get technical, this is the most business-savvy look of all: actually working. We'd love to see Kylie in a lab coat more often!

  • Professional Pack


    Business begins with the fanny pack. Or, at least that's what Kylie is saying with this outfit. Who else adores that pink blazer?

  • Birthday Business

    kylie jenner birthday pink dress
    Splash News

    OK, Ky -- we get it. The shoulder pads are as intimidating as they are stunning. Seriously, let's bring those back!

  • In the Trenches


    Kylie's ready for any situation in this sleek trench coat. A runway? A trip to the rain forest? It works for both!

  • Showing Off

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    Working hard as a model and makeup industry mogul can give anyone permission to strut. Ky's perfected the professional glare perfectly.

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