20 Times Queen Elizabeth Looked Bored to Tears

20 Times Queen Elizabeth Looked Bored to Tears
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She's been the Queen of England for a long time -- almost 67 years -- so it's no wonder Queen Elizabeth looks bored (to tears) now and again. It goes without saying that being a royal -- heck, the royal -- has its perks. But doing anything for over half of a century will eventually get a little old, no?

Make no mistake about it: She's got a heck of a poker face, but even Queen Elizabeth catches a case of ennui once in a while. 

Queen Elizabeth is the author of the royal rules, protocols, and traditions  -- and she carries out all of these things with dignified, gracious class. But we can see through the facade once in a great while. Through the beautiful, brightly colored coatdresses and matching hats, sometimes the queen just looks over it. 

And who can blame her?!

She obviously loves being the monarch (again, see: almost 67 years), but just as sitting in the same cubicle at the same office day in, day out gets old, so does meeting with dignitaries and living in a palace. 

OK, fine, it's not the same thing, but still. 

She's the picture of elegance and sophistication, but here are 20 times Queen Elizabeth just looked over it. 

Hey, it happens to the best of us.