Chrissy Teigen's Revealing Swimsuit Photo Has Fans Suspicious

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Chrissy Teigen
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Leave it to the haters to turn Chrissy Teigen's vacation photos into a controversy. After Chrissy shared a swimsuit photo on Instagram over the weekend, people are accusing her of Photoshopping her face and body. But being that Chrissy has always kept it real, are we sure that's what's going on here?

  • Saturday, Chrissy shared a photo of herself in a white swimsuit as she stared down the camera.

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    feels off-brand but going for it

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    Uh, how good does this mama look?! She may think it's "off brand" for her to share something like this, but we can't blame Chrissy Teigen for wanting to flaunt what she's got.

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  • Tons of celebrities showed up in force to let her know how good she looks.

    Instagram comments

    Well, Kate Hudson has spoken, y'all. Going off brand works for Chrissy!  

    Chrissy deserves all the fire emojis in the world. Not only has she obviously worked hard for this body, but she's done it while parenting her two kids, 3-year-old Luna and 1-year-old Miles.

    We couldn't possibly be more impressed, but some people aren't loving this photo.

  • But many people are saying they've noticed a change in Chrissy's face ... and not in a good way.

    Facebook comments

    Unsurprisingly, people are having some negative reactions to this photo, including calling her too skinny and wondering if she's had work done. 

    Her face doesn't really look much different to us -- she's going without makeup (and seemingly without a filter) -- so maybe that could be why some people are confused? Either way, Chrissy is glowing.

    Vacay looks good on her!

  • They're convinced that Chrissy is straight up editing her photos.

    Come on -- really? Can we give the woman a break?

    She's never been much for editing her photos, and we doubt that she started now. Let her live!

  • So far, Chrissy seems totally unbothered by the haters.

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    last day 😩 @mrmikerosenthal @jenatkinhair

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    ... as she should be!

    Who cares what people on the internet think? It seems as if Chrissy had a great vacation, and she shouldn't let a few comments rain on her parade.

    If only we could get more photos of her and husband John Legend hanging out in paradise ... we really need to live vicariously through them while we're at work!

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