Meghan Markle Shows Up at Wimbledon to Cheer on Bestie Serena Williams

Karwai Tang/Getty Images

Meghan Markle at Wimbledon
Karwai Tang/Getty Images

While most of us are over here lounging by the pool or scarfing down hot dogs and hamburgers like it's our job this July 4, it looks like our favorite American gal also decided to indulge in a fun mom's day out across the pond. Meghan Markle showed up at Wimbledon to cheer on her bestie, Serena Williams, and of course, she totally stole the show, and probably diverted a lot of eyes away from the court. 

  • Oh, and if you're wondering who the two gals accompanying Meghan to the match are?

    meghan markle wimbledon friends
    Karwai Tang/Getty Images

    It turns out that these are two close pals of Meghan's. According to People, they are none other than Lindsay Roth and Genevieve Hillis, who just so happen to be two of her "oldest and closest" friends.

    They are likely in town for Archie Harrison's christening this coming Saturday, July 6, and there is speculation that the two of them will be revealed on the highly anticipated godparent list.

    (Not a shabby gig, if you ask us.)

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  • OK let's cut to the important thing here -- Meg's casual outfit.

    meghan markle wimbledon
    Karwai Tang/Getty Images

    She is rockin' those blue jeans just two-months postpartum! And how about those heels? Very chic. While she may not have opted for a red, white, and blue ensemble to commemorate the American holiday, we're digging the black and white combo. Plus, it's nice to see Meghan sport a casual look again after constantly seeing her in much more formal attire.

  • But even though she's likely enjoying some much-needed down time, Meghan did pay tribute to Archie.

    Aww! What a darling little "A" necklace! It might have gone unnoticed, had eagle-eyed fans not spotted it around her neck. Wonder if this was a gift from someone, or if she picked it out herself?

    Either way, it's so subtle yet very stylish and sweet.

  • Meghan's appearance is a hit with fans, which is a refreshing change. 

    Hey, every new mom needs a little time off from diaper duty.

  • Her down-to-earth vibe is a breath of fresh air. 

  • And how wonderful that Serena won her match! 

    Maybe Meghan brought her an added stroke of good luck? It can't hurt to have the support of your bestie, right?

  • She looks so happy!

    meghan markle wimbledon
    Karwai Tang/Getty Images

    Meghan is having quite the week as far as sporting events go. Her surprise appearance with Harry at the London Series baseball game was thrilling enough, but now this?! 

    Fingers crossed that she and Harry decide to at least show off a photo or two from Archie's christening in a couple days. We're on a roll this week with royal glimpses, so it would be a shame to break the streak now.