Jason Momoa Criticized for Showing His 'Dad Bod' at the Pool

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Jason Momoa
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Former Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa is known for the scar over his eyebrow and the Titan-like physique that often includes chiseled abs. So when he went shirtless on vacation with family this week, fans had a lot to talk about. Jason was spotted at the pool, and some people seem to be convinced that he's already making his way into dad bod territory, taking digs at Aquaman as a result.

  • Paparazzi caught up with Jason in Venice, where he and his fam were chilling after stepdaughter Zoe Kravitz's wedding.

    According to Us Weekly, Jason Momoa and wife Lisa Bonet have been traveling around Europe with their kids, Lola, 11, and Nokoa-Wolf, 10.

    Sounds like a pretty fun trip to us! 

    And being that Jason has all the movies and TV shows he's been working on behind him, it's gotta be a really nice opportunity to relax.

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  • But of course, as soon as these photos showed up, the criticism did, too.

    Facebook comments

    People are really laying into Jason for his body, accusing him of acquiring a "dad bod" already.

    Harsh words, guys!

    Folks really aren't holding back in the comments department on this one. We agree, it's a totally different look for Jason after shaving his beard, but he still looks good -- come on, ya'll. This is Jason Momoa we're talking about. 

    And homeless?

    Please. Leave the man alone!

  • Others, however, had no problem defending Jason.

    Facebook comments

    He's still a lot of fans' celebrity crush

    Jason is a human -- and he is on vacation -- so let him be! Just enjoy the hot, shirtless photos we've been gifted with and move on! 

    Besides, there are plenty of things to love about Jason aside from his abs. His talent, the way he cares about the environment ... we could go on and on.

  • If what he's got is dad bod, sign us up.

    We hope Jason can enjoy his vacation with his family in peace ... without worrying about what people on the internet might be saying about his body. (We honestly doubt it's messing up his day.)

    Let the man live!

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