Lance Bass Dancing to NSYNC Is the Best Thing We've Seen All Day

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Lance Bass
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We're still waiting to hear if that *NSYNC reunion is going to pan out, but in the meantime, this will definitely tide us over. Someone caught Lance Bass dancing and singing to *NSYNC -- as if he fangirls over his former boy band just like we do. And the video might actually be the best thing we've seen all day.

No, all year.

  • Over the weekend, Lance officiated Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright's wedding.

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    6.29.19 📸 : @the_malicotes

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    Yep, he was the one who helped these Vanderpump Rules stars tie the knot. And after seeing some of Jax and Brittany's wedding photos flood in over the past few days, it's pretty clear that it was a day to remember.

    But one of the most memorable moments of the reception didn't actually include the bride and groom at all ...

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  • Lance was caught on camera dancing and singing to Bye Bye Bye after the ceremony.

    Why are we not surprised that Lance Bass remembers all the dance moves from the music video?! We love this. He's hilarious -- and he doesn't miss a beat. 

    Of course, Lance is surrounded by people while this is happening. Who wouldn't want the chance to dance with a member of *NSYNC to one of their songs?

    This is epic.

  • Fans are losing it over this video.

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    The reaction to Lance's dance is basically a lot of freaking out, because of course it is. For anyone who grew up listening to and crushing on (let's be real) *NSYNC, this video offers up nostalgia in its final form.

    We're not gonna turn that down!

  • We can only hope that Lance shows off his moves again soon.

    Even better than that, what if he can finally convince the rest of the guys that the best time to get back together is now

    With all the TV reboots that are happening these days, it seems only right that our favorite boy band would make a return too. Let's have it, guys. If they've forgotten the choreography to their music, it seems like Lance can definitely remind them.

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