20 Times Prince William Was Royally Casual

20 Times Prince William Was Royally Casual
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Because he's a prince, a duke, and the future King of England, it isn't strange that Prince William is usually dressed up. More often than not, the Duke of Cambridge is seen strutting about in a bespoke suit, or on occasion, a tux or official uniform. 


Prince William does dress down and go casual now and again, and while it's not like he's wearing sweatpants and a T-shirt, it still is a departure from his usual formal look. 

Now, don't get us wrong, we certainly love seeing George, Charlotte, and Louis' dad all fancy and important-looking. But we also love seeing the side of him that's a little more down-to-earth. Kind of like we would see him in the corner of a Starbucks, working on his laptop, drinking a flat white.

Or something like that. 

As delightful as it would be, we're never going to see the Duke of Cambridge in a ratty old T-shirt from college and a pair of flip-flops and a backwards baseball cap. But we can get the next best thing -- which is Wills in a pair of jeans, or simple button-down shirt, or even a plain old sweater. That's low-key for a prince, right? 

Here are 20 times Prince William dressed down and we loved it. 

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