Alleged Mistress of Meghan King Edmonds' Husband Files Police Report

Jim Edmonds and Meghan King Edmonds

This story keeps getting crazier and crazier. News of Meghan King Edmonds' husband being unfaithful while the former Real Housewives star was pregnant with their twins was just the tip of the iceberg. With everyone involved speaking their truth at this point, it looks like the cops might now get involved. Recently, Jim Edmonds' alleged mistress filed a police report against Meghan, so who knows what will happen next.

  • exclusively reports Jim's alleged lover filed a police report against Meghan.

    Jennifer Villegas, who recently spoke out about her affair with Jim Edmonds, is accusing Meghan of harassment, and the accusations are wild. Villegas continues to make headlines as amid news Jim reconnected with her while Meghan King Edmonds was expecting, resulting in an affair -- including lewd photos, and a video of Jim having fun with his "guy part" the same day Meghan gave birth.

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  • Jennifer claims Meghan has known about her husband's indiscretion since last year, and she's tired of the former reality star harassing her.

    "Meghan first reached out to me on September 20, 2018 and bullied me into retracting my story," Jennifer tells "She had already left me a threatening voicemail, so I did because I was fearful for my safety and the safety of my daughter. I am a single mom and very protective of my child." Villegas told

  • A June 17 police report reveals Jenn claims to have received numerous "harassing text messages and phone calls from Meghan King Edmonds because of the affair."

    "Ms. Villegas stated that she has received multiple text messages and phone calls from Mrs. Edmonds since last September when she and Jim Edmonds signed a non-disclosure agreement concerning the affair," the police reports states on the gossip website.

    "She stated that Mrs. Edmonds has called and left voice messages stating that she is gathering evidence against Jennifer for all the blackmailing she has done to Jim and other MLB players, and that she is giving all of it to the FBI, and that very soon, Jennifer will be arrested and her child taken from her.

    Ms. Villegas also stated that Meghan has also sent pictures of Jennifer's family, proving to her that she knows where they live and even knows their names. Ms. Villegas stated that she was afraid for her and her child."

  • The report notes Jennifer's advised her to get documentation for the sake of a "paper trail," so this is getting pretty serious.

    Whatever is going on, we hope the madness stops.

    It is not worth it for a mom to potentially go to prison because the man she took vows with to be faithful was unfaithful.

    It's not worth it.