20 Times Kourtney Kardashian Rocked an Understated Look

Kayla Gleeson | Jul 3, 2019 Celebrities
20 Times Kourtney Kardashian Rocked an Understated Look
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kourtney kardashian white suit
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It's obvious that Kourtney Kardashian is the queen of being herself. Her honest personality sets her apart from the other Kardashian family members -- and she has a sense of style to match! We know that Kourtney has never been afraid to live her own life and speak her mind, so it's obvious that her everyday sense of fashion would be something loud and proud -- but on her terms. That's why we love how Kourtney's wardrobe seems to be popping with glam, but simultaneously, toned down and demure for every occasion.

Between her suits, jackets, and jeans-to-tops ensembles, we just can't stop thinking about how fittingly fabulous Kourt's closet is.

We can't think of a single time in Kourtney's media-driven life where she hasn't been stylish. Even Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian don't have the throwback photos to out-prove that Kourtney has always been the leader when it comes to setting trends. She really has a style all her own -- one that combines casual with glamorous. It even seems like Scott Disick could be taking a page from her book with his own fashion line.

Her wardrobe may cost millions of dollars -- like the rest of the Kardashian clan -- but she makes it seem like anyone can even try recreating her looks themselves -- with more affordable brands, of course. So, maybe we can't look exactly like Queen Kourtney, but she's a fan of originality.

There doesn't need to be a choice between an overcoat or a mini-skirt -- just go the middle road and rock a form-fitting turtleneck like Kourt does! Here are some of our favorite understated looks from Kourtney.

  • Together Time

    kourtney kardashian penelope disick north west
    Splash News

    Even Penelope gets a fashionable jacket! Kourtney leaves the flashiness to her in this one -- this look is about style and comfort.

  • Shady Sip

    kourtney kardashian black outfit drink
    Splash News

    If only they made outfits like this that were affordable. The shoes themselves are probably $4,000. LBR -- even the drink is probably pricey. 

  • Sunset Orange


    Anyone else getting major summer vibes? We feel all warmed up for the season with this stylishly casual look!

  • Suited Up

    kourtney kardashian beige suit
    Splash News

    We love this classy beige suit! Kourtney looks like a professional movie star in this pic (not just an MTV star!)

  • Pure Style

    kourtney kardashian white suit
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    Looks can be served without a lot of glitz. These suit ensembles that Kourtney has are glowing with style!

  • Lady in Leather

    Kourtney Kardashian leather outfit
    Splash News

    Night out on the town? Nothing says "composed" more than black -- but the real party comes in with the leather.

  • Maroon Maiden

    Kourtney Kardashian maroon outfit
    Splash News

    Bright colors aren't necessary to attract attention. Life for a Kardashian is going to be trailed by cameras no matter what, though.

  • Keeping Casual

    kourtney kardashian jeans texting
    Splash News

    It all seems very casual -- the jeans, the top. Then our eyes go to the heels -- we see that subtle flair, Kourt!

  • Mom Couture

    kourtney kardashian white suit reign disick
    Splash News

    Now that's a #MomLook for the ages! Kid in one hand, designer bag in the other. We're loving those shoes, too!

  • Dark in Day

    kourtney kardashian black red peplum
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    Hold up -- is that a peplum top we see!? How long has it been since peplums have been on shelves? #BringThemBack!

  • City Chick

    kourtney kardashian brown top jeans shopping
    Splash News

    Yet another casu-but-fabu ensemble by the queen herself. Jeans neatly tone down the glam of any look!

  • Low-Key Lady

    kourtney kardashian black cardigan outfit shades
    Splash News

    Kourtney either looks like she's trying to keep a low profile, or about to go on a spy mission. Hey, the first is necessary for the second, right?

  • Fab Family

    kourtney kardashian penelope disick north west
    Splash News

    A day out with the kids is always fun -- especially when everyone's style game is on point! Kourt, we're green with envy at this outfit.

  • Bomber Babe

    kourtney kardashian penelope disick bomber
    Splash News

    OK, for real -- where did Kourtney get that bomber jacket and where can we get one? It's almost as fashionable as her smile!

  • Floating By

    kourtney kardashian hand hold white top
    Splash News

    Kourtney is going with the flow in this sweet, floaty top! The classy cream color really offsets that black belt bag!

  • Blue Striped

    kourtney kardashian blue stripes top
    Splash News

    We love how pretty this blue, striped top is! Those cuffs are everything -- and it's easy to dress up or down!

  • Totally Turtleneck

    kourtney kardashian turtleneck beige
    Splash News

    Now this is subdued -- totally covered, nothing flashy. Turtlenecks are way underrated -- and TBH, so is beige.

  • Walking Boots

    kourtney kardashian long boots
    Splash News

    Long sleeves, long boots. This is quite a look for Kim Kardashian's birthday party! Kourt knows her way around a closet.

  • Dressed Down

    kourtney kardashian blue dress hat
    Splash News

    This blue dress is stunning, but the baseball cap and sneakers definitely make it muted. Obviously, we love it.

  • Kourt and Ken

    kourtney kardashian kendall jenner purple top
    Splash News

    Sister, sister! We love these subtly subdued ensembles -- wait, is Kendall really that much taller than Kourtney?

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