20 of Kylie Jenner's Most Understated Looks

Kayla Gleeson | Jun 26, 2019 Celebrities
20 of Kylie Jenner's Most Understated Looks

kylie jenner black turtleneck

When thinking about the Kardashian-Jenner women, the word "tame" never really comes to mind. From all their exploits on Keeping Up With the Kardashians to the constant spin of the rumor mill, the Kardashians and Jenners live with a million eyes on them at all times. Naturally, there comes a sort of standard where they're expected to look like they're always on a runway. Obviously, this isn't realistic or fair, so it's good to see them break away from that standard by finding style in more low-key ways -- especially the youngest sister, Kylie Jenner.

Seriously -- just because she's the youngest billionaire woman doesn't mean she has to wear diamonds on everything she owns.

As the founder of Kylie Cosmetics, it's good to have a style that's both comfortable yet fashionable. Considering that Kylie is the queen of makeup, it's only natural that she knows her way around fashion. Style isn't something that comes easily to everyone -- especially when formal and casual factors come into play. From Kylie's perspective, it must be hard to decide on an outfit when there are a million bedazzled ensembles at her disposal (and for real, why would anyone wear anything else if she had that much money?)

Still though, comfort can't be counted out -- especially when she needs something she can easily play with Stormi Webster in! Too much glitter can be itchy, but sweatpants and a messy bun don't really cut it for reality TV stars. That's why it's important to find something that falls somewhere in the middle  -- stylish, clever, nothing showy or revealing needed. Just some nice, tame fashion -- which is exactly what we love from Kylie! Here are some of her best understated styles. 

  • Striped Star

    kylie jenner stripes outfit
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    We've heard of stars and stripes, but how about stars in stripes? Kylie absolutely kills it in this vertical ensemble!

  • Fanny Pack Pride


    Yup, Kylie Jenner has officially mastered the mom look. She manages to be stylish with a fanny pack and sneakers!

  • Cool for the Summer

    kylie jenner denim jacket
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    If it's too hot for a jacket, it's too hot for a hack -- no matter how stylin' it is. This laid back look has us all letting loose!

  • Spotted Shopping

    kylie jenner shopping black outfit
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    Uh-oh! Spotted out on the town! Ky's got nothing to hide, though -- she's keeping it real in this dark ensemble with sneakers to match.

  • Hoodwinked

    kylie jenner tracksuit starbucks
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    Kylie, we don't think anyone's fooled by this anti-paparazzi look. She pretty much managed to accessorize a coffee cup.

  • Cold Couture

    kylie jenner black outfit cameo coat
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    That fully black ensemble is top-to-bottom sleek! But Kylie is not afraid to choose comforting camo instead of a bedazzled coat.

  • Muted Orange

    kylie jenner orange trench dress
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    Not many people in this world can successfully pull off orange (except Kylie). The subdued color really brings new ideas to the table, though!

  • Beige Babe

    kylie jenner beige dress fans
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    Kylie may have a pretty non-subdued hair color in this pic, but we just love this dress. Beige and long-sleeves manage to look stunning!

  • Sleek Step

    kylie jenner black sleek outfit
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    This black outfit looks like an even match between style and comfort. Yet with those heels, she's definitely making a statement!

  • On Her Level


    We love how Kylie just can't resist a little color. Even with those green heels, this white ensemble looks fitting anywhere!

  • Enviable Green

    kylie jenner green jumpsuit purple heels
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    Baggy, comfy, yet stylin'. Green is definitely Kylie's color -- also, those heels? We see them, Ky (and we love!).

  • Meaning Business

    kylie jenner white suit dress vma
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    As one of Kylie's most iconic looks, we love how she can pretty much wear it anywhere. Work? A date? Out on the town? It all works!

  • Perfect Blend

    kylie jenner white boots t shirt
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    OK -- we've seen all kinds of looks that blend casual and classy, but this takes the cake. Those boots were made for walking!

  • Hot Pants

    kylie jenner red pants earth shit
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    No one has to be wearing plain jeans. Kylie made the perfect style compromise when she donned this fun (yet chill) look!

  • New Year's


    This New Year's gown was the epitome of classy. No flashiness or bling needed -- all she needs is little Stormi!

  • Beanie Baby

    kylie jenner black beanie
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    The beanie screams "Just trying to hang out," but the hot pants say "Here to party." What is the truth, Kylie?

  • Doin' Denim

    kylie jenner denim outfit
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    Never in a million years could any of us commoners make denim look classy. It's the perfect blend of refined coolness!

  • Serious Meets Fun

    kylie jenner striped suit sparkling legs
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    Business on the top, something else on the bottom. We love how even when she's trying to play it cool, Kylie can't help but throw in a little bling.

  • Stairway Style


    We think it's so sweet how Kylie's representing AstroWorld in this look! Travis totally makes this look (literally!).

  • Trench Coat Love


    Who doesn't love a nice trench coat? Now add twice the love to that, with little baby Stormi here to make things a little more fashionable!

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