Keanu Reeves & Angelina Jolie Spark Dating Rumors

David Acosta/Image Press Agency/Splash News; Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency/Splash News

Angelina Jolie, Keanu Reeves
David Acosta/Image Press Agency/Splash News; Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency/Splash News

It's pretty obvious that Keanu Reeves is having a moment right now, but does that moment include a new lady in his life? There are rumors that Keanu is dating Angelina Jolie. (Yes, really.) Could we actually have a brand new celebrity couple on our hands?!

  • Supposedly, a source claims that Keanu and Angelina met through his mom, who just so happens to be Angelina's new neighbor.

    Keanu Reeves
    Splash News

    According to Star -- via Celebrity Insider -- Angelina and Keanu's mom, Patricia, have been spending a lot of time together ... and that reportedly translates to Angelina spending a lot of time with Keanu, since he's with his mom a lot.

    "Keanu's really close to his mom and visits her all the time," an insider told the tabloid. "That's how he came to meet Ange. They found they have a lot in common, and the attraction was definitely there."

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  • The source went on to say that Keanu has even met Angelina's children.

    Angelina Jolie
    Splash News

    Whoa, that's a pretty big step!

    Reportedly, the unnamed source also claims that Patricia is on board with all of this, since she's hoping her son settles down and starts a family soon. Angelina Jolie is even the one who reportedly set up her first date with Keanu, supposedly inviting over a chef to cook them a romantic meal to share.

    So should we start planning a wedding, or is there even any truth to this story?

  • Keanu's rep has already shut down the rumors, so it sounds like this relationship is not happening.

    Keanu Reeves
    Splash News

    As his rep told, they deny the story before it was even published, and they shared the response they sent to Star at the time: "Your story is completely false and has no basis in any truth. This event never occurred. Once again you are manufacturing and inventing lies in order to increase your sales for purely financial gain."

    The website also that Angelina's rep has told them in the past that right now, the single mom is focused on her career and her kids -- so we doubt we'll see her in a relationship for a while.

  • Looks like these two are single for now ... or, at least, they're not dating each other.

    Angelina Jolie, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox, and Vivienne Pitt
    Splash News

    After Angelina's divorce from Brad Pitt, we've been wondering who the next guy she'd date would be, but it looks as if Keanu's not it. 

    But in the meantime, she's still killing it in her career and as a mom to six kids -- Maddox, 17, Pax, 15, Zahara, 14, Shiloh, 13, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 10. Yep, sounds like she has her hands full to us!

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