Meghan King Edmonds Spotted Without Her Wedding Ring Amid Cheating Scandal

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Meghan King Edmonds
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Coincidence, or a sign of what's to come? Meghan King Edmonds shared a new photo that has tons of people talking. The former reality star is noticeably without her wedding ring, raising questions about whether this means she'll be divorcing Jim Edmonds as news of his infidelity continues to surface.

  • Meghan is all smiles in a recent selfie she shared on Instagram Stories.

    Her adorable 2-year-old daughter, Aspen, is seen cheesing it up behind her. While we're unsure what was on the agenda for that day (likely some family fun), these two are one of the cutest mommy-daughter duos around.

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  • And it looks like a noticeable piece of hardware is missing.

    Sure, Meghan could've had her ring somewhere for safe keeping, which would explain why she wasn't wearing it. Maybe she was doing some crafting, or maybe she just didn't feel like it -- it happens. What's interesting, however, is that Meghan is often spotted with her ring, including in her last photo of herself doing Pilates with Jim. Seeing as this is one of the first times we've seen her without her ring -- with news of her husband's unfaithfulness making headlines -- it begs the question: coincidence, or a sign of what's to come?

  • Meghan's latest pic comes after news broke her husband was unfaithful while she was pregnant with their twins.

    Jim's cheating scandal continues to turn heads. exclusively reports the former pro baseball player hooked back up with Jenn -- aka the "baseball madame" -- while Meghan was expecting their sons. A source tells the outlet that Jim not only sent dirty texts during the affair, but even a video of him having fun with his "man member" the same day the former Real Housewives star gave birth to Hart and Hayes, now 1.

    Meghan Edmonds has since spoken out about the infidelity, revealing how heartbroken she is. Jim, who initially denied the cheating (he did say he sent inappropriate texts), recently broke his silence about the cheating allegations, claiming he only met with Jenn one time to try to find out why she wanted to extort money from him.
  • And people don't blame her if she wants to end her marriage.

    Facebook comments

    While the reaction is a bit mixed (some don't feel Meghan not wearing her wedding ring is a sign or a big deal), a number of people are kind of side-eyeing the celeb mom -- accusing her of knowing about the affair before it became news, in addition to the kind of man she married (she's wife number three).

  • Guess we'll have to wait and see.

    Time will have to tell whether Meghan and Jim stay together after this cheating scandal. It's pretty crazy and sad what happened, so the future looks to be unwritten for this pair.

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