Katherine Schwarzenegger's Pic of Chris Pratt With His Son Sparks Outrage

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Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt
ENT/Splash News

Talk about unexpected. (Then again, maybe it was.) Katherine Schwarzenegger's loving post about Chris Pratt and his son was intended to be heartfelt as the trio become a blended family. Sadly, the whole thing backfired, as many feel Arnold's daughter is being disrespectful to Chris Pratt's ex-wife, Anna Faris.

  • To celebrate Father's Day, Katherine shared a sweet pic of the Guardians of the Galaxy star with his 6-year-old son.

    "Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband," Katherine Schwarzenegger wrote in her Instagram post. "Watching you be such a hands on and loving father was one of the many reasons I fell in love with you, and continue to each day. I love you."


    Chris and Katherine said "I do" on June 8 after dating for about a year. Their marriage comes after Chris Pratt and Anna Faris' divorce became final late last year. (They were married for nearly eight years.)

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  • Welp, some peeps liked it.

    Instagram comments

    It's wonderful to see this newly blended family celebrating holidays together. Though this looks to be an old photo of Chris Pratt and his son Jack (Chris isn't rocking a wedding ring), it was quite thoughtful for Katherine to shout out this celeb dad.

    She's a proud stepmom and doesn't care who knows.

  • Others, however, feel Katherine's post is in poor taste as Jack is not her kid.

    Instagram comments

    To say people feel some kind of way about Katherine honoring her new husband and his son on Father's Day would be an understatement. They think Anna Faris should be the one to write a tribute as it's her (biological) son -- and that Katherine is throwing her under the bus by doing so.

  • Guys, is this really that bad?

    Isn't the goal of a stepparent to love their bonus child as their own -- and celebrate the bond said bonus child has with his or her parent? It doesn't seem as if Katherine is trying to be disrespectful in some way. It simply looks like she wants to honor her new husband and his bond with his son.

    Does Katherine really need to be crucified over this?

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