Did Prince Philip Try to Stop Prince Harry From Marrying Meghan Markle?

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It's been more than a year since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry tied the knot, and apparently, that wedding wouldn't have happened if the groom had decided to listen to his grandfather. According to a new report, Prince Philip told Harry not to marry Meghan, and our heads are spinning at this development. 

  • The report is claiming that Prince Philip said that it was fine if Harry dated Meghan, but not if he married her.

    Prince Philip
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    According to the Sunday Times, back in 2017, Philip reportedly told Harry that "one steps out with actresses, one doesn’t marry them." WHOA. 

    And supposedly, William also had reservations, warning Harry to take his time and be sure that Meghan is really who he wanted to marry, and when Harry's friends did the same, he nixed them from the invite list to the afterparty following their wedding. Not that we blame him, of course. Who wants people who aren't supportive of the relationship at their wedding?

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  • It sounds like this kind of behavior fostered a bit of resentment in Harry -- and for good reason. 

    Prince Harry, Kate Middleton, Prince William, Meghan Markle
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    “Harry felt like William and Kate didn’t make enough effort when Meghan arrived at Kensington Palace, that they didn’t roll out the red carpet for her," a royal source told the Times.

    If that's really how Harry feels, it's easy to see why -- he's obviously head over heels for Meghan, and to hear your friends and family speak out against the person you love isn't easy. If he's feeling slighted, we can't blame him for that.

  • Obviously, Harry didn't listen to any of them, because now he and Meghan have been married a year ... and they have a son.

    Prince Harry, Meghan Markle
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    Is it just us, or can Meghan never catch a break? Whether it's the press or her own family, it seems as if she's always getting the short end of the stick, and it's not fair. 

    Obviously, she makes Harry very happy -- isn't that all that matters?

  • We hope Harry isn't letting the negativity bring him down too much.

    He has so much to celebrate, especially now that baby Archie has made his way into the world. And if Prince Philip truly didn't like Meghan from the start, we hope he's learned to keep his lips zipped.