Fans Think Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Had a Tense Moment at Trooping the Colour

Karwai Tang/Getty Images

trooping the colour
Karwai Tang/Getty Images

After marking her first official post-baby appearance at Trooping the Colour last weekend, Meghan Markle had to know that all eyes would be fixated on her, what with it only having been a little over a month since baby Archie was born. There was a definite difference in her from last year's event. She went for a dark color for her outfit instead of perky pastel pink. She looked tired, which is not surprising at all. But it was also tough not to notice that both she and Prince Harry seemed less cheerful than usual.

  • Actually, Prince Harry was a downright Prince Grumpy.

    meghan markle prince harry
    Samir Hussein/Getty Images

    Man. Could he possibly look any more annoyed? Something was definitely under Harry's skin that day, and now some royal fans think he and Meghan may have been having a bit of a marital tiff. The Daily Mail shared a video clip of an exchange between Harry and Meghan on the palace balcony, where a lip reader apparently thinks he tells Meghan to "turn around" after she looks back to talk to him.

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  • Here's the clip in question.

    Um ... WOW. It's impossible to know what really went on here, but doesn't Meghan look like she's about to cry when she turns back to face the crowd? 

    This is honestly kind of tough to watch. 

  • Plenty of Twitter users think something was up between the two of them. 

  • Huh. Is Harry in the dog house?

    If he is sleeping on the couch, at least odds are good that it's a pretty nice couch. 

  • LOL this commenter has a point ...

    But are we misinterpreting the whole interaction?


  • This photo of Harry and Meghan is much more lighthearted. 

    prince harry meghan markle jack brooksbank
    Chris Jackson/Getty Images

    That looks like Jack Brooksbank, Princess Eugenie's husband on Harry's right, and he appears to be goofing off with Meg and Harry, so what gives?

    Are we simply making a mountain out of a molehill and looking for signs of trouble in paradise between them? Or are Harry and Meghan simply just two exhausted new parents who didn't feel like putting on their game faces and being all happy-go-lucky for the cameras every single second, you know, because all they really wanted that day was a nap?

  • For comparison's sake, here's a photo of Harry and Meghan in the carriage at Trooping the Colour 2018.

    prince harry meghan markle
    Samir Hussein/Getty Images

    Um, they look all sorts of unimpressed then too, and let's not forget the fact that they were newlyweds who were still in the honeymoon phase at that point.

    Perhaps this event is just kind of a huge drag all around, so it's tough to fake being ecstatic about it?

    Whatever the case may be, let's cut these poor parents some slack. A new baby is quiet the adjustment and turns life completely upside down, so Harry and Meghan deserve to be just as annoyed as they please, no matter what the occasion.