New Photo of Miranda Lambert & Her Husband Has People Praising Their Love

Dara-Michelle Farr/AdMedia /Splash News

Miranda Lambert
Dara-Michelle Farr/AdMedia /Splash News

These two are still going strong! We've been very curious about Miranda Lambert's new husband, Brendan McLoughlin (after all, he did seemingly come out of thin air), and now, we're slowly piecing their relationship together. But one thing's for sure: They're not leaving each other's side. Miranda and Brendan were spotted in NYC this week, and it seems as if they're making their commuter marriage work.

  • Miranda & Brendan were out and about Thursday, holding hands, as they walked down the street.

    No word on where they were going or what they were doing that day, but whatever it was, they were doing it together. So far, it seems Miranda and Brendan have been pretty much attached at the hip since they surprised the world by tying the knot earlier this year.

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  • Although Miranda still lives in Nashville, she said they're splitting their time between her home and his in New York.

    Because Brendan is a New York City police officer and has a son -- who reportedly was born just three days after he and Miranda met -- he has ties to the city that can't be broken, so it makes sense that they'd be there often.

    As Miranda said in an interview with Extra earlier this month, she's been loving it. Traveling all the time like that sounds exhausting, but it definitely seems to be agreeing with her -- and it helps that she loves spending time with her new stepson. 

    "We have the best of both worlds," she said. "We spend time in New York, we get to see our adorable nugget, then we get to come back to the farm and have the quiet life. I’m enjoying the balance."

  • Now that these new pictures have hit the internet, people can't stop talking about what a beautiful couple they make.

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    As many commenters have said, they're a really good looking pair -- not that we're surprised, because they are two gorgeous all on their own. But the fans are right: If they do end up having kids together, they're going to be beautiful.

  • We're crossing our fingers for more details about this relationship ASAP.

    Miranda Lambert, Brendan McLoughlin
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    It may have come out of left field, but Brendan is a cutie, and he really seems to make Miranda happy.

    And that's what really counts.