Details About Meghan King Edmonds' Husband's Reported Affair Are Disturbing

Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan King Edmonds
Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Talk about a real-life reality drama! Outlets are reporting that Meghan King Edmonds' husband stepped out on her, which is definitely a no-no. And if that's not bad enough, Jim Edmonds reportedly did it the same day the former Real Housewives of Orange County star gave birth to their twins. (Yikes!)

  • reports Jim Edmonds had a "steamy affair" while wife Meghan was pregnant with their twins.

    In an exclusive, the website alleges Jim and Jenn, a woman referred to as the "baseball madame," reconnected in March 2018 while Meghan was pregnant with their sons Hart and Hayes. Apparently, this is the same woman Jim messed around with during his second marriage.

    "Jim sent Jenn a DM on Instagram in March [2018]. She had not heard from him in years," a source tells the outlet. "Their friendship sparked again[,] and they started communicating on a regular basis. Their communications quickly turned from friendly to dirty texting."
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  • A source alleges to the site that Jim not only cheated on his wife but sent his lover explicit videos of his "man member" the same day she gave birth.

    The same unnamed source tells that Jim sent video of him pleasuring himself (yes, it's what we mean) to Jenn while Meghan was in the hospital recovering from childbirth. "She had just given birth that day," the insider alleges.

    The twins, who are now 1, are Meghan and Jim's second and third children together. The couple also has a 2-year-old daughter named Aspen. (Jim also has other children from his two previous marriages.)

  • Jim denies the cheating allegations ... though he does admit to being inappropriate.

    "Regrettably, I had a lapse in judgment. I engaged in an inappropriate conversation with this person," the former pro baseball player exclusivesly told Us Weekly in response of the rumored affair.

    "At no time was there any type of relationship or physical contact. Absolutely none. This is someone trying to profit from my name. I am aware she has done this to others in the past. Clearly, I made a very poor decision to expose myself and my family to this type of person. For this, I am truly sorry and sought forgiveness from my wife. I'm outraged over the intent to ruin my family and intend to take legal action. We were never having any problems in our marriage. My attorney is in possession of documents wherein this person has admitted fabricating large portions of her 'story.'"

    We're not saying Jim cheated; we're just saying cheating doesn't have to be a physical act to constitute as cheating (Kanye shrug).
  • While he admits to never having a "physical relationship" outside of his marriage, there are receipts about the alleged affair ... lots of 'em.

    Though Jim vehemently denies the cheating allegations, published multiple screenshots of Instagram DMs and text messages that definitely look like him not being faithful to Meghan. From trying to schedule a meet-up in Milwaukee to what definitely look to be photos of his man parts -- including video of him ... ahem, said man parts -- yeah, this doesn't look good at all.

    "They went on a couple of dates and started having s-x in May (2018)," the same source that revealed the alleged cheating told the outlet. "They would meet up at hotels while he was on the road doing his broadcasting job. Jenn would fly into the city where Jim was working and stay with him."

    Not looking good, Jim.

  • Heaven only knows what will happen, but seeing as Meghan reportedly confronted Jim's lover, we'll say the future is yet to be written.

    That's right: claims Meghan King Edmonds went "berserk" on Jenn after finding out about the affair -- even leaving a voicemail for the "baseball madame," which the website obtained for anyone who wants to listen. And if that's not sad and crazy and dramatic enough, the outlet reports the former reality star sent Jim's lover a nondisclosure agreement with a promise to financial compensation if she keeps her mouth shut.

    Yeah, this is nuts.

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