Video of Tom Hanks Embracing Woody Surfaces & It's the Best

Video of Tom Hanks hugging Woody from Toy Story 4
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In case anyone needs a pick-me-up or feel-good moment today, we got ya covered. Video surfaced of Tom Hanks hugging Woody, the character he plays in the Toy Story franchise. And when we say it's giving people each and every feel, please believe us.

  • Cameras caught Tom Hanks hugging Woody during the world premiere of Toy Story 4.

    In Toy Story 4, Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and the rest of the crew are back for another adventure. After Andy gives these precious toys away to Bonnie (sob), the little girl creates her own toy out of a spork and names him Forky. During a family road trip, Forky makes a run for it, prompting Woody to follow after him with craziness quickly following.

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  • And it's the best thing we've seen all day.

    We can't say enough how much we LOVE Tom Hanks. He is a national treasure, the second coming of Mister Rogers, and a guy we can only imagine is super warm and inviting and wonderful in real life.

    We. Heart. Thomas.

  • People can't get enough of this reunion.

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    When are we ever going to see a life-size Woody with Tom Hanks just hugging it up? Yes, there's a man in a Toy Story costume, but do let us enjoy this.

  • With the Toy Story franchise coming to a close, what a wonderful way to send it off.

    Be still our hearts.

    We really love this ... and really love Tom Hanks (LOL).

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