Pauly D Looks Unrecognizable in Rare Gel-Free Photo

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Pauly D
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Since his Jersey Shore days, Pauly D has been known for his signature gelled hairstyle. But what if that's all about to change? Pauly shared a photo of his ungelled hair, and people -- including us -- are understandably freaking out about it.

He really looks different.
  • Pauly shared the photo of his gel-free hair on Wednesday.

    Whoa! Pauly looks so different ... and his hair is unexpectedly long. In the back of our minds, we knew it had to be for it to be so tall when he puts gel in it, but this is really throwing us. 

    He looks like a totally different person with this hair! Not that it's a bad thing -- just different.

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  • Fans on Twitter are shook after seeing Pauly like this.

    The vast majority of his followers definitely think that this is a better look for the Jersey Shore star. We have to agree. We're used to seeing him with his signature style, but a more relaxed look is working for him!

  • Others are doing a major double take.

    Y'all, these comments are packed with people thirsting for Pauly D. Not that we blame them, because our boy is looking pretty good in this photo.

  • And think that he looks completely unrecognizable.

    Also true.

    We'd definitely recognize Pauly by his hair, so if we saw him walk around like this in public, it probably wouldn't even dawn on us that it's actually one of our favorite Shore stars. 

    But that could be a great thing for him. Any time he wants to go totally anonymous for a day, he can just wear his hair down!

  • Pauly's gelled hair might be what we're used to, but any time he wants to switch it up, we're on board.

    He definitely looks good either way. Pauly deserves all the love fans are sending him thanks to his new 'do. 

    More hair photos, please!