Cause of Grandma Mary Duggar's Sudden Death Is So Heartbreaking

Mary Duggar

Earlier this week, heartbreaking news from the Duggar family broke that Grandma Mary Duggar had died unexpectedly, and now we know what happened. Mary's cause of death has been revealed, and it's pretty shocking, not to mention incredibly sad. 

  • Apparently, Mary died by accidental drowning.

    According to what Washington County Coroner Roger W. Morris told People, Mary slipped and drowned in a swimming pool. 

    Knowing this makes her death even more tragic -- the family's Instagram posts made it clear that her death was unexpected, but this is so much worse.

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  • According to the 911 call that was made, she was found at her home in Springdale, Arkansas.

    Radar Online revealed the call that was made when Mary was discovered, although it's not clear who found her when the drowning occurred. The call was made at 4:37 p.m. 

    “Call came in of a possible drowning at [address redacted]..that’s [address redacted]. Big house in the back … older woman, 14 echo -- unconscious. Medics are responding,” the caller said.

    These are all the details we have right now, but it sounds like it was truly a scary afternoon.

  • All week, the Duggar family has been sharing Instagram posts, memorializing their beloved grandma.

    On Tuesday, Jessa shared a touching tribute to Mary, who shares a birthday with her new baby daughter, Ivy Jane.

    "As we look back and reflect on the gift God gave us in Grandma Duggar, we are so grateful," Jessa wrote. "How we wish we would've hugged her more, said 'I love you' more, and spoken more of these sentiments to her while she was here with us. She was deeply loved, and she impacted the lives of so many people." 

  • We'll be thinking of the family during this tough time.

    It can't be easy to grieve Grandma Mary, especially because the circumstances around her death were so sudden, but it sounds as if the family has plenty of happy memories with her to look back on. She might be gone, but it's clear they'll never forget her.