Kate Middleton Apparently Wishes She Were More Like Meghan Markle

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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton
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With all the rumors of a feud going on between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, we can't help but wonder if there's an underlying issue between the two duchesses. As it turns out, there may actually be a cause for the tension, as the Duchess of Cambridge is reportedly envious of the Duchess of Sussex and her natural people skills.

  • A palace insider confessed that Kate is "naturally shy," and has a hard time making public appearances.

    Prince William, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton
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    According to Us Weekly, a source close to the royal family revealed, "Kate still finds these huge public events overwhelming. She's always been naturally shy."

    The insider added that Kate has watched Meghan's transition into the international spotlight with envy. The source explained, "Truth be told, she envies sister-in-law Meghan's ease in front of crowds." Even so, the person also said Kate knows what she needs to do, and is good at is impressing "everyone with her ability to paste a huge smile on her face."
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  • The source added that Kate knows what needs to be done to become queen someday.

    Queen Elizabeth, Kate Middleton, Prince William
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    The source shared, "She knows she has a responsibility to be front and center, given that one day these events will be in honor of her husband. It's something she'll have to work at for the rest of her life."

    It was even reported in April that Queen Elizabeth has been giving Kate "queen lessons." Royal expert Rebecca Long dished to Us Weekly, "Kate's been taking on new responsibilities little by little over the last few years, so it won't be a shock when the time comes. William and Kate are the favorite royals to take the crown in many generations, so the people of the UK are very excited about it."

    Another source revealed, "She's really taken Kate under her wing. The two of them will often spend hours discussing royal life and the future of the monarchy."

  • This is certainly a new twist in the relationship between the two sisters-in-law.

    Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle
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    We've been hearing rumblings of a feud pretty much ever since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle went public with their relationship, but we always thought it was Meghan who was trying to "compete" with Kate. Maybe we've got it all backward?

    Or maybe there's no discord at all between these two lovely women, and they're actually quite friendly, and laugh at the headlines that they don't get along.

  • After all, they have a lot in common.

    Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle
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    They're both commoners who married into the most famous royal family in the world. They're both mothers now, and both seem to want to raise their children as normally as possible, given their privileged circumstances. They're both champions for justice, have a heart for helping children, and have made mental health advocacy a priority.

    We honestly think they get along just fine.