Jill Duggar Accused of Profiting Off Grandma Mary's Recent Death

Jill Duggar

The Duggar family said a sad goodbye just a few days ago after their grandma, Mary Duggar, unexpectedly passed away on Sunday. Mary was Jim Bob Duggar's mother and a beloved and frequent guest on both 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On over the years. Most (if not all) of the older grandkids with social media shared tribute posts for the matriarch, and it's clear that she was very, very loved. But Jill's latest post for her grandmother has fans a little confused or even upset.

  • Jill shared a screenshot of a blog post that she wrote in honor of Grandma Mary.

    She added in her caption that fans should click the link in her bio to read her blog tribute post to her grandmother. Clicking a link in the bio is a common way that people make money off social media now, by directing users to a website with advertising. More clicks, more viewers, more advertising dollars. 

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  • And fans were not happy about her apparent profiteering. 

    People even went so far as to tell her that she should be "ashamed" over directing traffic to her website when she should be spending the time with her grieving family instead.

  • Some people thought she was mostly "socially stunted."

    It's not the first time Jill has been accused of being socially stunted or oversharing. Last week Jill shared a blog post explaining how often women should be having sex with their husbands, and even warned against masturbating. Fans had a pretty mixed reaction to that one as well. 

  • And of course someone compared her to Jessa.

    Jill did have an earlier post after Grandma Mary's passing that didn't direct traffic to her website, but obviously she had more to say on the subject. It's entirely possible that Jill just wanted to share something in a more long-form style than Instagram allows with its character limits, but she had several advertisements running on her blog post.

  • Not everyone had a problem with the concept, though, and some even thought Mary would be proud of her granddaughter. 

    Business is business, after all. Jill doesn't work, her husband Derick is in law school, they either quit or were fired from TLC, and it's not like they don't need the money. 

    And if you don't want to click the link to the bio, you don't have to.