Jessie J Opens Up About Not Being Able To Have Kids

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Jessie J.
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Talking about struggles with infertility isn't easy, but this lady is speaking out anyway, and we love her for it. Recently, Jessie J opened up about not being able to have kids, and we're in awe of her honesty -- and her determination to have kids anyway despite her diagnosis. 

  • On Monday's edition of the UK's Heart Breakfast podcast, Jessie said that she isn't willing to believe that she can't ever become a mother.

    Jessie J
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    "I was told I can't have children, but I don't believe it. I believe in miracles. I haven't given up," Jessie mentioned in the interview about her diagnosis and wanting kids, Us Weekly reports. "Over the last four years, I've changed my diet. I changed the way I live, I've done a lot of self-work. I am still in the process of it."

    Jessie revealed that since finding out about her infertility more than four years ago, she's been making a lot of changes.

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  • Jessie first opened up about her fertility at one of her concerts last year.

    While performing in London last November, Jessie revealed her diagnosis onstage, letting her fans know that her song "Four Letter Word" was about her emotions as she coped with finding out she can't have kids. 

    "I wanted to write this song for myself in my moment of pain and sadness but also to give myself joy, to give other people something that they can listen to in the moment when it gets really hard," Jessie said at the time. "So if you've ever experienced anything with this or have seen somebody else go through it or have lost a child, then please know you’re not alone in your pain and I'm thinking of you when I sing this song."

  • Jessie sharing her story has prompted other women to share stories of their own.

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    These comments are so sweet. Finding out about infertility doesn't mean you can never have kids. Even without a miracle like these mamas are talking about, there are many options available -- whether that means adopting or creating a baby with a little bit of science.

  • We have to admire Jessie's optimism and her willingness to speak openly about such an important topic.

    Our fingers are crossed that her mom dreams come true someday. And who knows? Maybe boyfriend Channing Tatum will be the one to help her out with that.

    Those babies would be gorgeous.

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