Justin Bieber Should Think Twice About Fighting Tom Cruise

Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise
Say Cheese!/GC Images/Getty Images; Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Advanced Imaging Society

We don't know what's going on with Justin Bieber, but we might have to tune into Pay-Per-View to find out should this go down. It looks like Justin Bieber wants to fight Tom Cruise (like fist fight) and is calling him out in the most random and public way.

... and it doesn't look like he's playing around.

  • Justin took to Twitter to "challenge" Cruise to a fight in the UFC.

    We have no idea what triggered Justin to call out Tom Cruise, but here we are. This is the most random celebrity feud from left field we never saw coming. Seriously, did he just say to himself one day "Yup, today's the day" before hitting send and hoping one of the biggest action stars ever sees it?

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  • ... and even the UFC is confused AF about it.

    The UFC Canada couldn't help but chime in about the matter as it has no clue what triggered the pop star to want to step inside the octagon and throw down. It's so random -- and not even attached to charity that would make it little more sensible.

  • As much as the Biebs seems interested in trading blows with someone 31 years older, he might want to pick someone else.

    Just because you have youth on your side doesn't mean you won't get messed up in these streets. There are plenty of 40- and 50-something guys -- The Rock, Jason Statham, Keanu Reeves, Idris Elba -- we'd never dare think of tussling with (scratch that, we'd love to get closer to Idris, wink). While Tom isn't the biggest guy on the Hollywood lot, he keeps himself in good shape.

  • Tom Cruise might be "old," but he's crazy in shape.

    While he doesn't do all of his own stunts (no one would insure him on movies if he did), he does do a lot and trains like a megabeast. We're not saying Tom Cruise would whip up on someone in the octagon; we're just saying Justin Bieber would like lose against him (LOL).

  • Be careful what ya wish for.

    ... but do call us if this actually goes down.

    We're interested to see who wins, but are going to put our money on Thomas (LOL).