20 Times Kim Kardashian Literally Sparkled

Kayla Gleeson | Jun 14, 2019 Celebrities
20 Times Kim Kardashian Literally Sparkled
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Give Kim Kardashian any formal event, and anyone can bet that she'll be there in something so jaw-droppingly stunning, people will be talking about it for weeks on end. Some things are a given: The Earth is round, climate change is real, and Kim pretty much seems to love anything that sparkles. This -- in combination with her natural creativity -- makes for some pretty amazing outfits (and makeup looks, for that matter)!

The Kardashian family is blessed with a ton of creatives types who are all into fashion -- but many could say that Kim wears the crown on glitz and glamor.

First of all, let's put the proof on the table: This year's Met Gala was out of this world, specifically because of the incredible looks Kim served to her fans. She always manages to simultaneously be over the top while keeping things fashionable. It always seems as if Kim either has the most dazzling dress in the world or a glittery costume ready at all times, for any occasion. The dedication to sparkle is pretty remarkable!

One recurring (and fitting) fashion motif we noticed with Kim? She's a sucker for silver -- and gold too. Considering her luxurious lifestyle, it makes sense that she would adore the colors associated with it. That leads us to this conclusion: If it has jewels, glitter or sequins, Kim probably has it. Kourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian may just need to intervene with her addiction!

(We hope they don't, though -- we have too many favorites!) Here are 20 times Kim got her sparkle on.

  • Camp Crystal Girl


    "Crystal" is in the name -- what more can we say? Hang on a sec -- Kanye, we see that butt grab! #Spotted!

  • Glam Queen


    Fun fact: North assisted in the fitting of this ensemble! She obviously has great taste -- if it sparkles, it's a win.

  • Paris Pals


    Real BFFs wear matching outfits. Why waste time on anything that doesn't sparkle? Kim and Paris have got it right.

  • Ring Ring


    Hello, Kim? Yeah, it's CafeMom -- we just want to know where these stunning dresses keep coming from!

  • Cher


    This Cher look was golden and unforgettable. Kim definitely believes in life after love. (We can feel something inside us say she's strong enough.)

  • Twin Stars

    kim kardashian north west kanye concert
    Splash News

    Kim and North seeing Kanye's New York City concert together? Priceless. But what's even more priceless are those gowns!

  • Date Night

    kim kardashian nyc silver dress
    Splash News

    We all know that Kanye feels like a lucky guy. Being married to someone who'll doll up like this is a win-win!

  • Starlit


    Even with such dim lighting, Kim's dress glimmers like the cosmos! Fair enough that a star like her dons the gown.

  • White Diamond

    Kim kardashian met gala white
    Splash News

    Every year, Kim rocks the Met Gala. Here we have some magical, Swan Lake-esque vibes for all the fashionistas out there!

  • Hakkasan

    Kim Kardashian hakkasan
    Splash News

    The Hakkasan nightclub was lucky to have Kim there! Her presence is always golden -- and she has a dress to match!

  • Met(al)

    kim kardashian met gala silver
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    The metallic sparkle of this dress can really bring anyone to their knees. As the picture shows, Kim comes before the red carpet itself!

  • Cannes

    kim kardashian canne grisogono
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    A true fairy queen leaves a trail of glitter behind her. Kim's already got that covered with the trail of this dress.

  • Gold Pair

    kim kardashian kanye west gold dress
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    Kim and Kanye are quite the pair -- it's only natural they have matching gold looks! (Although, Kim looks like she went all out compared to Kanye's necklace.)

  • Celestial Bodies

    Kim Kardashian met gala celestial bodies gold
    Splash News

    Celestial bodies? More like, celestial body (seriously, look at her)! This dress is practically the embodiment of the sun.

  • Glimmery Pink

    Kim Kardashian pink glitter dress
    Splash News

    Kim is a butterfly of her own color. It's nice to see her embracing her natural wings (and, fashion ones, at that)!

  • Brightly Balmain


    It seems like Balmain is pretty much the brand to go to if anyone's looking for glam. Kim's skirt is proof of that!

  • Sparkling Selena


    We all miss Selena -- Kim included. At least she carries on her sparkling spirit by donning a similar wardrobe.

  • Silvery Looks


    Flashy, classy, and elegant -- it's obvious that Kim has a thing for silver glitz. Because she looks amazing in silver, who could blame her?

  • Glitz Sit


    This dress definitely belongs to a showgirl -- and that girl is Kim! Keeping Up With the Kardashians technically makes her a showgirl, right?

  • Dazzling Detail

    Kim kardashian met gala 2019
    Splash News

    The bejeweled detail on this dress makes it one of our favorites. We can't wait for next year's Met Gala, Kim!

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