20 Times Kate Middleton Was Completely Mesmerizing

20 Times Kate Middleton Was Completely Mesmerizing
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Whether it's for a formal event or a casual garden visit, every single time the Duchess of Cambridge steps out into the world, all eyes are on her. And what with her gracious demeanor, blindingly shiny hair, and impeccable sartorial choices, can anyone say they're surprised? Kate Middleton is basically impossible not to look at!

Sometimes, though, the Duchess of Cambridge steps it up a notch. Sometimes we're utterly and completely transfixed by her.

There are a few times in people's lives when they are just nailing everything. Their vibe. Their sense of humor. The way they walk. They way they talk. Their clothes. Their shoes. Their hair. And when Kate Middleton has experienced those moments, royal fans near and far have been there to witness it. 

And, of course, gawk. 

If we've said it once, we've said it a thousand times: The Duchess of Cambridge rarely makes a misstep, but damn. Sometimes she is just on. And it's a beautiful thing to watch. 

From appearances at red carpet, star-studded galas to super laid-back visits to gardens (that she helped design herself -- no biggie!), here are 20 times Kate Middleton was full-stop mesmerizing. 

Seriously, Kate. Show us how it's done.