Jon Gosselin's Pics With His Girlfriend Have Fans Questioning if They're Married

Jon Gosselin and girlfriend Colleen Conrad

Thus far this year, there have been a number of celebrity engagements, and there's always room for one more couple (wink, wink). Jon Gosselin's new pics with his girlfriend have his followers not only celebrating his love and happiness but wondering if he tied the knot in secret.

  • Jon is all smiles with his girlfriend Colleen in one of a few pics he shared on the 'Gram of their latest adventure.

    "Wedding time!!! Dancing starts at 7pm," Jon Gosselin writes in his Instagram post. "Let's enjoy this ceremony and dinner!!! Then my job starts!!! Congratulations Brooke and Mark!!!"

    Pay attention to the Brooke and Mark part -- it's going to come in handy later.

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  • Many of his followers quickly slid into the comments section, congratulating him and Colleen.

    Instagram comments

    Jon has been sharing more pics of Colleen Conrad (his girlfriend) that have folks happily celebrating their love. These two have been together for a minute now and deserve all the joy life throws at them.

    ... but about this congratulations (LOL).

    They didn't get married!

  • Obviously, some peeps thought Colleen and Jon got married (they didn't), but that's not stopping others from questioning when they will.

    Instagram comments

    Clearly Mark and Brooke (remember we told ya to remember those names) are the ones that tied the knot, but hey, Jon and Colleen could walk down the aisle one day -- assuming it's something they want to do.

  • We'll just keep celebrating their happiness.

    Wedding or no wedding, it's wonderful to see Jon so happy. Colleen, who has children of her own, seems to get along just fine with Hannah and Collin, who live with their dad -- so maybe they'll officially become a blended family down the road or maybe they won't.

    Either way, we're happy to see other people happy, so live it up!

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