JWoww Opens Up About Falling in Love With Her New Boyfriend

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JWoww, Zack Carpinello
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Now that Jenni "JWoww" Farley has made her relationship with new boyfriend Zack Carpinello Instagram official, we've been dying to know more about what's going on between them. And it looks like we're finally getting an answer. JWoww is opening up about her new man, including how serious things may or may not be getting.

  • According to JWoww herself, she and Zack have known each other for a long time as Zack is her high school friend's little brother.

    The new couple told Entertainment Tonight they were friends for a long time and nothing more than that.

    But now, that's all changed.

    JWoww admits they've already fallen in love, and Zack said he loves to make JWoww smile. (How cute is that?!) "I just adore his company," she said. "Even if he doesn't like something, he goes above and beyond and wants to experience it with me, like watching Game of Thrones or doing to Disney or doing something fun and interesting."

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  • JWoww also reveals that Zack has met her kids, and so far, they're getting along pretty well.

    Zack says he's spent a lot of time with JWoww's children -- Meilani, 4 and Greyson, 3 -- she has with her ex, Roger Mathews.

    "Meilani's always known him as Erica's brother, and that's how I wanted to keep it with the kids so it's not an awkward transition," JWoww admits. "She honestly probably likes him more than me at this point because he's cooler and he'll do a lot more, and I'm like the mom yelling in the background, but it's fine. I'll let him have his moment." 

    Sounds like at this point, JWoww's old news ... but if the kids already love Zack, that's awesome.

  • People are concerned JWoww's moving on too fast.

    Facebook comments

    Most of the comments pointed out that they seem to be really deep in this relationship for only having been together for a few months. Then again, JWoww filed for divorce from Roger in September, so it's been more than a minute.

  • And feel she's diving head first into another relationship to prevent "loneliness."

    Facebook comments

    Things have been over between Roger and JWoww for a while now. Their four-year marriage (and nine-year relationship overall) sadly came to a turbulent end as the Jersey Shore star has accused Roger of emotional and physical abuse. (He's since denied the claims.)

    Their breakup seemed like a truly difficult one on so many levels ... but if Jenni is happy now, isn't that all that matters?

  • For now, it seems like JWoww and Zack are over the moon to be together.

    They do make a pretty cute couple.

    We're happy for her, and who knows, this relationship could be really great for her. Time will tell if it will last, but so far, she and Zack seem like the perfect pair.