Miranda Lambert Shares Rare Pic of Her New Husband

Miranda Lambert

We don't expect to see photos of this country star's new husband, but when we do, it's a real treat. Miranda Lambert shared a rare pic of her guy, and when we say this man is all sorts of fine, please believe us.

... 'cause we ain't lying.

  • Miranda took to the 'Gram to share photos of some cuddly pups for a great cause.

    "Meet Smoke and Bandit! They showed up at the farm last week and we're bringing them to #CMAFest to get adopted," Miranda Lambert writes in her Instagram post. "No vacancy in our Mutt Motel! #FarmLifeRegister at MuttNation.com to join us at the #MuttNationMarch on June 6 in Nashville to save more pups like them!!"

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  • But all eyes are on her new husband, Brendan McLoughlin.

    Don't get us wrong, the puppies are adorable -- and her cause is commendable -- but we don't get to see Brendan often ... and he's fine.

    Shortly after Valentine's Day, Miranda revealed she secretly married Brendan. The pair met on November 2 while the country star paid a visit to Good Morning America. What's interesting is that three days later, McLoughlin welcomed his first child with a woman he cheated on with his then-fiancée, Jackie Bruno.

    (Yeah, kinda messy.)
  • People can't help but chime in about how handsome he is.

    Facebook comments

    Judging by this reaction, it's safe to say people are thrilled about the puppy initiative and are taken aback by how attractive Miranda's new husband is.

    That's one attractive NYPD officer!

  • They really are a good-looking couple.

    ... perhaps one of the hottest Hollywood couples around.

    Cheers to wedded bliss.
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