20 Times Kate Middleton Was Obviously Annoyed With Prince William

20 Times Kate Middleton Was Obviously Annoyed With Prince William
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Yeah, yeah, yeah, he's a prince, a duke, and the future King of England (and damn charming, may we add). But that doesn't mean Prince William never annoys Kate Middleton. In fact, it would be weird if he didn't since all couples annoy each other now and again. 

For the most part, it seems like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have a really solid marriage, but every once in a while, we see Kate Middleton with "the look," signifying that she may need a small break from her ever-so-dashing husband. 

Did he retell the same joke she's already heard a million times? Did they have a disagreement about Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and baby Louis? (Kids can be stressful!) Or did William forget to replace the roll of toilet paper in their eighth bathroom again

Who knows!

But it's obvious that Kate Middleton is less-than-thrilled with Prince William time and again. Does it mean they don't have a great marriage? Of course not. It means that they're human (as difficult as that is to believe sometimes!).

From low-key annoyed looks to full-on irritation mode, here are 20 times Kate Middleton was clearly annoyed with Prince William. 

We're guessing the duke has a seriously impressive florist on speed dial. 

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