Prince William's Comment to Princess Charlotte Has the Internet in a Heated Debate

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Earlier this week, Kensington Palace was kind enough to release a series of photos -- and a few videos! -- of Prince William, Kate Middleton, and the Cambridge kids at the Back to Nature Garden at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, which the duchess codesigned. In the lovely photos, we see Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and even Prince Louis (!) scurrying about on the grounds, having some good, clean fun. And in one of the videos, we see Prince William chatting with Charlotte and George -- and that's where things get confusing.

  • OK, so here's the video, in case you haven't seen it:

    The first part is very clear: William asks his son how many marks he would give the rope swing "out of 10."

    "Twenty," George replies. 


    The second part, though, where William calls to Charlotte, is where people are confused. Before he asks his daughter to "give him a push," he says something -- and no one can figure out what it is.

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  • Naturally, people are debating what the future king said on social media. 

    Many seem to think Prince William called Charlotte "mignonette," which is the diminutive form of the French word "mignon," which means "dainty" or "darling."

    Hmmm ... would he call her such an unusual nickname on camera, though?

  • A few others think William is simply asking Charlotte if she's "been on here," referring to the swing. 

    To be honest, that's kind of what it sounds like to us. 

    And evidently, there are some royal fans out there who think William is calling his daughter a "beetle head," which frankly, does kind of sound to be the case. But there's no way that's what Prince William said. 

  • Mignonette, beetle head -- whatever Prince William is calling his daughter, one thing is certain:

    Fans are completely and totally obsessed with this video and how it gives a sweet peek into the Cambridges's family life. 

    And that's something we can all agree on, no?