Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Chose the Name Psalm for a Very Important Reason

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West

Ever since Kim Kardashian and Kanye West announced the name of their fourth baby, fans have been wondering what made them pick something so unusual. But apparently, the reason Kim and Kanye named their baby Psalm is because it meant something super meaningful to them. 

  • Last week, Kim announced her son's name on Instagram, sharing a text from Kanye.

    It definitely raised some eyebrows, because this name wasn't at all what fans were expecting. But according to a report from E! News, they actually chose the name because it has special significance to them, especially for Kanye.

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  • A source close to the family said that Kanye originally chose the name, and that it reflects their spirituality.

    It was "very important to him, and Kim wanted the name to have a significance that held a true representation of their family, so she agreed on the name," the source said

    Being that Psalm means "song," it's not surprising that Kanye went with this choice -- especially because he's been all about his Sunday service church gatherings lately.

  • Another insider went into more detail about how the name was chosen, and it definitely sounds like it was all Kanye at first.

    "The name Psalm was very important to Kanye and where he is spiritually. He presented it to Kim and she thought about it and ultimately agreed," the source said. "Kanye felt very strongly about it and Kim thought the way he explained it and the meaning behind it was beautiful. Each name they have chosen has a special significance."

    That's true -- now, all four of her children have meaningful names, and the way they came to name Psalm is actually pretty sweet. 

  • And now, they're both just focused on family time. 

    "Their relationship is in a really good place right now and they are more in love than ever," one of the sources said. "They both really feel complete since welcoming Psalm and love the craziness of having four kids around the house."

    "They are all about family time and being home with the baby right now," the second source added. "They are taking it day by day and just getting settled and adjusted to life with four kids."

    It's definitely a big adjustment, but if anyone can handle four kiddos under one roof, it's Kim.

  • We can't wait to see more of baby Psalm.

    Our fingers are crossed that Kim shares more photos of him soon -- especially with his big brother and sisters. 

    Congrats, Kim and Kanye!