20 Ways Jinger Duggar & Jeremy Vuolo's Daughter Felicity Is a Little Star in the Making

Nicole Pomarico | May 22, 2019 Celebrities
20 Ways Jinger Duggar & Jeremy Vuolo's Daughter Felicity Is a Little Star in the Making

Jinger Duggar, Jeremy Vuolo, Felicity Vuolo

Since she was born in July 2018, we've been totally obsessed with Miss Felicity Vuolo. Since her birth, Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have shared so many adorable photos of their first daughter, showing off her personality along the way, and it's become so clear that this Duggar baby is destined to be a star someday -- and in some ways, she already is one. No matter where she's going or what she's doing, it's all eyes on Felicity, and in a short time, she's figured out exactly how to make the camera love her. 

To be fair, from the beginning, Felicity was born into a family that gets a lot of attention. She's already been on reality TV, of course, with Counting On featuring a special episode based around her entrance into the world. And now, there are more than one million people following Jinger's Instagram, with thousands of them liking and commenting posts she shares of Felicity. We have a feeling that when she's old enough to understand, she's going to adore the fact that she has had so many fans from the time she was a tiny baby.

Between the adorable outfits that Jinger dresses her in, the fact that she shines in every picture, and how she has somehow managed to already have so much personality, we've never doubted that Felicity would turn out to be something special. 

Here are all the photos that prove that Felicity is already a star. We've had so much fun watching her grow (and witnessing Jinger's journey into motherhood), and we can't wait to see where the future takes her.

  • She's Always Stealing the Spotlight


    Felicity somehow manages to steal the spotlight in every photo she's in, including this one. Obviously, her mom just wanted to take a nice photo with her, but not on Felicity's watch! Her little stretch and those tiny hands are so adorable.

  • She Takes Beautiful Photos With Her Mom


    When Felicity's ready to cooperate for a photo, though, she's one of the most photogenic babies ever. And putting Felicity and Jinger together? It's truly perfection.

  • She Knows How to Make an Entrance


    How cute is this picture Jeremy shared?! Felicity is such a ham when the camera comes out, and this photo is proof. We love that she decided to take a ride on this alpaca her parents came across in the Brooks Brothers store. 

  • She's Down to Make New Friends


    Anytime we've ever seen Felicity interacting with other kids, she looks so happy. Is it just us, or is she a little social butterfly in the making? If she's going to be a star, knowing how to win people over will be a crucial skill. But so far, it seems everyone she meets loves her. 

  • She Has the Most Perfect Poses


    This kid looks like an Instagram model already! Jeremy shared this photo of Felicity posing pensively in some fall leaves, wearing the sweetest jacket. This could definitely be a baby fashion ad. 

  • She Hams It Up for the Camera


    Whether she's riding a stuffed alpaca or a wooden horse, this little lady knows how to put on a show. We can't believe how big she's getting ... or how much she loves showing off when the camera comes out. No wonder her mom and dad can't stop posting photos of her.

  • She's Good With All Modes of Transportation


    Even when Felicity was only a few months old, she's always seemed up for anything. We can't even handle this Boomerang -- she's always seemed so curious about the world around her. Taking a ride on the train at the airport is such an adventure.

  • She's a Big Fan of the Swing


    Felicity is finally getting old enough that her mom and dad can take her to parks, and it looks like she's loving it. Not only is she dressed adorably, as usual (that's gotta be all Jinger), but she seems to be having a blast on the swing. That smile is too cute.

  • She's Nailed Candid Photos


    Felicity has officially mastered the art of the candid photo, and she is killing it. We love her dress and bow, and the way she's looking off into the distance. We wonder what she was thinking about? 

  • She Already Has So Much Personality

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    We can't get enough of this video of Felicity's baby babbling. She's too cute, laughing and smiling at the camera. We can't wait until she's talking! 

  • She's Already Driving


    Felicity's already behind the wheel, and she looks confident about it. To be honest, she looks good driving ... and we know Jinger and Jeremy would probably feel the same. Watch out, world -- Felicity's coming through.

  • She Has So Much Sass


    If Felicity doesn't want to smile for a picture, she doesn't -- she's got a little attitude in that department. But it makes for the most adorable photos, so we're sure her parents aren't too upset about it. After all, she looks cool as a cucumber hanging out with her mom, checking out some food trucks in Laredo, Texas. 

  • She's a Very Happy Baby


    As far as we can tell from what her parents have shared on Instagram, Felicity is a happy baby. We're sure she has her moments when the cameras aren't out, like any kid does, but most of the time, she seems to be all smiles. What's Jinger's secret to making this happen?! 

  • She & Her Dad Make the Perfect Pair


    It's been clear for the beginning how much Felicity adores her dad. The older she gets, the closer they seem to become. She's always grinning from ear to ear in her photos with Jeremy, and we can't wait to see how their relationship grows as Felicity keeps getting bigger.

  • She's the Cutest Sleeper


    She definitely looks like she's deep in thought here, even though she's sleeping. We gotta hand it to her mom and dad: This is one beautiful baby. She looks so peaceful! 

  • She Already Loves Coffee


    Knowing Jinger's obsession with coffee, it seemed inevitable that she'd probably pass it on to her kids. And so far, it seems like Felicity has taken the bait -- even if she's only posing with coffee cups for right now. Maybe it's something she and her mom can bond over when she's older?

  • She Already Knows About That Instagram Promo Life


    Jinger shared this photo to tell the world about her friend's Christmas album, and we have to admit that using Felicity to show off the CD is pretty smart. If she wants to become an influencer in the future, she should include this photo as proof that she knows what she's doing. Who wouldn't buy from this baby?!

  • She's Already Just Like Her Mom


    Felicity totally seems like Jinger's mini-me already, and it's even more obvious when they match. Jinge has passed on her sense of style to Felicity, and they're always the most adorable mother/daughter duo. It's hard to believe she was this small not too long ago! 

  • She Has the Cutest Smile


    We will never get tired of adorable photos of Felicity, and although this one was taken a long time ago, it's definitely one of our favorites. Jinger has always dressed her in the sweetest onesies and matching headbands, and we love it. But the true star of this photo is her tiny grin.

  • She's a Seasoned Traveler


    Babies and planes aren't known for mixing well, but in Felicity's case, it's a totally different situation. Jeremy and Jinger have traveled with her so much while she's little that she's really become a trooper. We need to know all of their tricks!