Khloe Kardashian's Latest Tropical Vacation Has Us Green With Envy

Madison Breaux | May 21, 2019 Celebrities
Khloe Kardashian's Latest Tropical Vacation Has Us Green With Envy
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Khloe Kardashian
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There's nothing quite like a beach vacation, right? And a beach vacation that's "no boys allowed" sounds even better. Khloe Kardashian, along with her sister Kourtney Kardashian and a bunch of her gal friends jetted off to Turks and Caicos for a tropical getaway, and yes, we're all insanely jealous. But what can you do ... this is just an average vacay for the Kardashian family. In true K-dash style, Khloe, Kourtney, and the rest of the girls shared several envy-inducing photos that are giving the rest of us major cases of FOMO. It's to be expected when a member of the Kardashian family takes any sort of vacation. And for those wonder, yes, True Thompson got to go on this exotic vacation too.

As if we weren't jealous enough already ... 

From showing off her amazing abs in bikini pics to sweet photos with her daughter, Khloe was all about sharing every aspect of her beach getaway with her Instagram followers. Is she sorry? Definitely not. And why should she be? If we were on an tropical vacation like this one, we'd be sharing every detail of it too. 

Next time any of us are planning a girls-only trip, we're definitely going to be taking a few cues from Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian. If there's anyone in this world that knows how to party and celebrate, it's these two sisters. 

So, to make our FOMO even worse, here are the best photos from Khloe Kardashian's Turks and Caicos vacation. It really seems like these ladies had the best time!

  • Playing in the Sand


    Is there anything a young kiddo loves more than playing around in the sand? And from the looks of it, Khloe might love it just as much as True does! Plus, we're trying hard not to be jealous of how many vacations True has already been on, but it's not really working.

  • Beach Baby


    OK ... True is just over a year old, and she's already a bigger fashionista than the rest of us. A matching swimsuit, head-wrap, and sunglasses?? We're thinking that being a personal stylish is in True's future. 

  • Girls Trip


    Given all that's going on in Khloe's personal life, we think a girls beach vacation is exactly what the doctor ordered for her. There's nothing like a little quality time with your friends, daughter, and vitamin D. You soak up that sun, Khlo! 

  • Trip Filled With Photoshoots


    It's not a true Kardashian vacation without a bunch of photos being taken, right?? Khloe has certainly mastered the art of Instagram modeling, and we have a good feeling that True is going to follow in her mom's footsteps at some point.

  • Casually Lounging


    This is how we all wish we looked when we are lounging in the sand on our beach vacations. Khloe, any way you could teach us your secrets??

  • Mother/Daughter Time


    We'd say that Turks and Caicos is pretty much the ultimate mother/daughter vacation spot. Only a Kardashian would take her toddler on an all-girls trip to the tropics. Maybe one of these days we'll catch those invitations that have been getting lost in the mail.

  • Privacy, Please


    No paparazzi, please. You'd think that Khloe wouldn't want to be in front of any sort of camera when she's on vacation, but when it comes to Instagram, that's a completely different story. 

  • Ocean Playdate 


    We just know that Khloe will cherish these memories that she's making with True for forever! And if we know the Kardashian family, we can say that this is definitely not True's last vacation to Turks and Caicos. What it must be like to be a Kardashian lady ...

  • Guiding Mama


    True definitely seems like the kind of trouble maker that would want to explore the ocean on her own, but mom Khloe wasn't about to let that happen. All in due time, True. Before you know it, you'll be old enough to play in that Turks ocean all by yourself.

  • Now Just Mom


    Khloe is no stranger to sharing photos of just herself, but when on an exotic, tropical vacation, a few solo pics are basically mandatory. Soak up that spotlight, Khlo! 

  • Sister, Sister


    Work it, K-dash sisters. We know it's hard for the Kardashian ladies to get together nowadays, so we're more than ecstatic to see Kourtney and Khloe spend some quality time together. Just add Kim, and it's the perfect Kardashian outing!

  • Little Fashionista


    I mean ... has there ever been an Instagram model as cute as this?? Khloe deserves all sorts of praise for how she's dressing True. She's setting her up to be quite the little fashion guru, and we certainly aren't mad about it!

  • Group Photo


    Now this is what we call a vacation. There's nothing quite like gathering up all of your best gal friends for a tropical vacation. It's okay, Khloe ... you can just send us an invitation next time you and your BFFs go to Turks.

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