20 Times Kim Kardashian's Skin Was Literally Glowing

Kayla Gleeson | May 23, 2019 Celebrities
20 Times Kim Kardashian's Skin Was Literally Glowing

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There's a difference between being a star and a starlet. One means "renowned celebrity" and the other is a ball of gas (although, depending on who we're talking about here, these two things are synonymous). Either way, they both shine bright -- maybe this is why we can't stop comparing Kim Kardashian to a star.

Her KKW Beauty brand is pretty expansive -- everything from eye shadows to lipsticks is designed to make anyone look their best. However, there's nothing quite like a Kardashian highlighter to brighten up a room (and a face!)

There are so many looks Kim has pulled off that make her shine brighter than a diamond -- like her recent Met Gala outfit, for example. The Kardashian-Jenner clan definitely knows how to make an entrance! In any case, it's obvious that Kim accessorizes to make sure her ensemble matches her shining complexion. The real question is: how much of it is photo editing, how much of it is makeup, and how much of it is just her natural glow?

Well, considering her whole career is based in modeling, it's probably more of the first two. Which isn't to say Kim can't get a natural glow all on her own -- she was glowing plenty while she was pregnant with North West -- and Saint West, for that matter.

No matter what, Kim definitely has a knack for catching the eyes of millions -- which is the reason we put together all her most dazzling glow-ments! Check out all of the times she literally glowed.

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