19 Times the Duggar Girls Showed a Little Skin

Nicole Pomarico | May 17, 2019 Celebrities
19 Times the Duggar Girls Showed a Little Skin

Jinger Duggar

If there's anything the Duggar family is known for (besides how big it is), it's the strict lifestyle its members adhere to. For the women in the family, that means there's a dress code they're expected to follow to keep their "modesty" in check for parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. And growing up, that meant that most of them stuck to long skirts and dresses -- never pants -- and tops that kept them fully covered, arms and shoulders included. But the older some of the daughters from 19 Kids & Counting get, the more they rebel, and that includes showing a little skin.

Although several of the Duggar daughters are married and have homes and families of their own, not all of them have chosen to stray from the traditions that their parents instilled in them as children. But when it comes to fashion, Jinger Duggar and Jill Duggar have both dipped their toes in more mainstream styles, and yes, that does mean they've been letting the world see their shoulders and knees, which many of their other sisters have never dared to do. 

And surprisingly, they've also managed to introduce things like ripped skinny jeans and tank tops into their wardrobes without throwing the modesty that is so important to them totally out the window. We knew it could be done! 

Here are photos of the Duggar daughters showing off a little skin -- without compromising their values, of course. We've loved watching them change and evolve as they get older and come into their own, and it seems like Jill and Jinger have only become happier and more comfortable with themselves as the years pass.

  • Jill Dared to Wear Shorts


    It's not often that a Duggar daughter is caught wearing shorts, but for Jill, it totally happened. We were shocked to see her in denim shorts when she shared this photo of herself cleaning the wall after her son, Israel, drew on it. She looks totally adorable in them!

  • Jinger's Adorable Dress & Wedges


    This isn't an outfit Jinger would have worn a few years ago, but she looks amazing! We love that she chose this dress and heels for a photo with Jeremy's side of the fam. She's such a stylish mama.

  • Jill's Night Out Look


    If you're going to a formal event and need to dress up, the Duggar dress code can sometimes get in the way. But Jill managed to stay modest and look sexy all at the same time. Look at those legs!

  • Jinger's Romantic Skirt


    This is one of our favorite photos of Jeremy and Jinger -- partially because Jinger's outfit is so adorable. Her skirt is plenty long, but it still manages to show off her legs, especially with that leg-popping kiss. And those boots are to die for.

  • Jill Showed Off Her Knees


    There was a time when Duggar knees were blurred out in 19 Kids & Counting, but no longer! Jill shared this photo with her boys, and she wasn't worried one bit that her knees were peeking out from under her skirt. Nor should she be, because it is totally normal for humans who have knees.

  • Jinger's Adorable Church Look 


    Just because you're heading to church, it doesn't mean you've gotta be sweating in the pews! Jinger kept it modest and cute without hiding her legs away in this family photo, which was taken the first time they took Felicity to church. We're sure she was happy to wear a shorter skirt in the Texas sunshine.

  • Jill's Nose Ring


    OK, so the skin Jill's showing is on her face, but that doesn't make it any less significant. We were in shock when Jill debuted her nose ring, but we absolutely adore it. It's the first piercing like this that anyone in her family has had, and she looks too cute.

  • Jinger Let Her Shoulders Show


    This classy gal went out to eat at the food trucks near her home in Laredo, Texas, and she looked so cute in this sleeveless top and matching black sunglasses. Jinger always pulls off looks that we could totally see Kate Middleton wearing, and we are jealous. Can she please come help us with our closets? 

  • Daring to Wear Ripped Jeans


    Not only is Jill wearing skinny jeans, but she's also showing off a little skin at the same time. We love these ripped jeans on her. Actually, we love the whole outfit. Her style is really starting to blossom lately and we are here for it!

  • Jinger & Kendra Showed Off Their Legs in Heels & Dresses


    Looks like Jinger pulled sister-in-law Kendra in when it comes to showing off her legs! In this pic of the brothers and sisters together, both ladies are killing it in their heels. They look adorable.  

  • Jill's New Look With Heels 


    Jill may be wearing a pretty modest dress, but she's definitely still showing off her legs -- and we love her for it. She looks super cute in this outfit, including the sandals. Seems perfect for spring!

  • Jinger's Maternity Style


    When Jinger was pregnant with Felicity, we were obsessed with her maternity style, and this outfit is a great example of why. Sleeveless top and skinny jeans? She was killing it.

  • All About the Legs


    Jinger looks stunning in her little black dress -- especially with those heels. She's showing of her legs and looks good doing it. And if you ask us, Jeremy looks pretty dapper himself.

  • Jinger's Sleeveless Dress


    Jinger joined Jeremy at an event wearing the cutest dress ever -- seriously, can she fill us in on where she gets her clothes?! She looks like she's wearing something straight out of Mad Men. And showing off a little shoulder never hurt anyone, either.

  • The Sweetest Mother's Day Photo


    Although Jinger may be a little different from her mom, there's still so much love there -- and that much is obvious in this photo she shared in honor of Mother's Day. Not only are these two ladies gorgeous, but we are loving Jinger's sleeveless outfit. Those colors just pop!

  • Jinger's Classy Look 


    You can never go wrong with heels and a black dress, and it seems like that's something Jinger lives by. The fact that this photo is in black and white only makes her look classier, TBH. This photo serves as yet another reason why we need her to take control of our wardrobes.

  • Ready For Date Nightll


    Jill's worn these heels on multiple nights out, as she should -- they look amazing on her! And so does this dress. She and Derick look so good for their date night out, and we're loving the fact that she didn't mind showing off her knees and legs for the occasion.

  • Showing Off Her Arms & Legs at the Same Time


    Shorter than usual dress and it has no sleeves? We couldn't have imagined a Duggar daughter wearing this combo when they were growing up, but a lot has changed since then. That color looks great on Jinger! 

  • Abbie's Sleeveless Wedding Dress


    Most Duggar wedding dresses were modest, even though they've all been beautiful. But even though Abbie isn't a Duggar by birth, she's the first to marry a Duggar while wearing a sleeveless dress. She looked absolutely gorgeous on her wedding day.

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