20 Times the Duggar Girls Showed Off Their Baby Bumps

Nicole Pomarico | May 17, 2019 Celebrities
20 Times the Duggar Girls Showed Off Their Baby Bumps

Jinger Duggar, Jeremy Vuolo

The Duggar family is known for its size, and as the oldest daughters keep getting married, their reality show fam just keeps getting bigger. In the last few years, new baby boys and girls have been welcomed in by several of the daughters, including Jinger Duggar and Jill Duggar. And now, so many of the women are pregnant again (or were recently), including Anna Duggar, Kendra Duggar, Joy-Anna Duggar, and Jessa Duggar -- who just gave birth to her third child. It's a lot to take in, but that means a lot of Duggar baby bumps have been shown off on social media. And as fans, we can't get enough of watching these sweet little babies make their way into the world. 

And although they keep us updated on what's happening with their pregnancies (and childbirth) on Counting On, the Duggars also share plenty of their pregnancy experiences on Instagram, too. That means that between all of the ladies who have had babies in the fam, there have been a ton of baby bump photos to go around. 

There have already been a bunch of Duggar grandkids, and don't get us wrong -- we absolutely adore seeing photos of them, too, as they grow and change. But after watching Jim Bob and Michelle's kids grow up on 19 Kids & Counting, it's pretty wild to watch them become mothers now. Back then, we couldn't imagine Jinger, Jill, Joy, and Jessa with baby bumps and toddlers at home, but they grew up right in front of our eyes, and so far, they're killing it at being parents. 

Here are all of the sweetest Duggar baby bump photos they've shared so far. They all make the most adorable mamas-to-be. We have a feeling that they're just getting started, though, so get ready for more bump photos in the future! 

  • Jessa & Ben Right Before Spurgeon Was Due


    This photo was taken when Jessa was still expecting Spurgeon, taken before she and Ben had kids. They were so adorable back then (and still are now!). And even nine months pregnant, Jessa's hair still looked flawless. How does she do it? 

  • Jessa Expecting Baby #3


    Jessa shared this photo just before baby number three was born. She took this one at 31 weeks pregnant, and she looked awesome.

    "Definitely a bit bigger than I was at this point in my pregnancy with Henry (who was born 8lbs 11oz), but smaller than I was with Spurgeon (who was born 9lbs 11oz)," Jessa wrote. "What can I say -- those Duggar genes grow ‘em big."

  • Jinger at 25 Weeks


    Jinger was all about keeping fans updated on her bump every week while she was pregnant with Felicity, and this is just one of those updates. Jinger was glowing at 25 weeks, when Felicity was the size of cauliflower. They've both come a long way since then!

  • Three Bumps in a Row


    Recently, Anna shared this throwback photo in celebration of all the pregnancies in the family, back when she, Joy, and Jill were all pregnant at the same time.

    "Currently, there are 4 Duggar sisters/sisters-in-law that have shared expectant baby news!" Anna wrote. "I wonder how many more new cousins will be announced before our little one arrives?!?!"

  • A Valentine's Day Bump


    Before Gideon entered the world, Joy-Anna shared this photo from a Valentine's Day date that she and Austin went on. She looks adorable in her dress, bumpin' for the occasion. And now that she's expecting her second baby, we're thinking more bump photos are in our future.

  • Comparing Bumps  


    When Jessa was pregnant with Henry, she loved comparing bump photos from her first pregnancy with Spurgeon. The bump on the left is Henry, and the bump on the right is Spurgeon at the exact same time in her pregnancy. Pretty crazy how things change, right?

  • Wrapped Up Like a Present


    Jill was pregnant with Israel when this photo was taken -- and looking pretty festive! It's crazy to think that back then, she had no idea where motherhood would lead her (or that she and Derick would live out of the country with a baby and one on the way). She's come a long way since then, and it's been so much fun to watch.

  • Almost Mom & Dad


    This pic was taken at Jinger and Jeremy's gender reveal party, where the family played games to find out that baby Felicity would be a girl. According to what we saw on Counting On, it seemed like a blast.

    "Any day now we will be holding our little girl in our arms!" Jinger wrote when she shared this photo. 

  • Bumps in the Family


    With so many women in the family, they're bound to be expecting at the same time. A few years ago, Jill, Anna, and Jessa were all pregnant at the same time, which resulted in this adorable photo. And now, they all have kiddos close in age!

  • Kicks From Baby #3


    Jessa posted this video of her belly, showing off baby #3 and their moves. We can't get over how pumped Spurgeon is to interact with his future little sibling. That kiss? Too precious! 

  • Matching Bellies

    Of course, Jill's is a real baby and Isarel's is a food baby, but hey, it still counts. And Israel looks pretty pumped to be matching with his mom. They're even wearing coordinating shirts!

    "#Comparingbellies after Israel had dinner," Jill wrote.
  • Bumpin' on a Date Night


    Joy and Austin are all about date night, no matter what is going on in their lives, and we admire that about them. Joy's looking super cute here, all bundled up with her bump. She was so close to meeting Gideon here, and now, he's one of the happiest babies in the fam.

  • A Gorgeous Maternity Shot


    All of Jinger's maternity photos are gorgeous, but this one might be our favorite. In black and white and with all of the shadows on the rooftop, it looks so romantic. And of course, she and Jeremy both look beautiful, as always.

  • 25 Weeks & a Sweet Message


    When Jessa was 25 weeks pregnant with baby number three, she shared this bump photo, along with a sweet message for her sister-in-law, Lauren Swanson, who had miscarried a pregnancy. 

    "As we look forward to meeting our baby, we’re also feeling an exceptional amount of grief over my brother Josiah and sister-in-law Lauren’s loss of their baby," Jessa wrote. "Lauren and I shared the exact same due date. We have cried so many tears, both together and apart."

  • Twinning


    When Anna and Jill were both pregnant at the same time, they put their bumps together for the sweetest photo. They both look super happy here, even though, as we all know, pregnancy isn't always all smiles, all the time. It seemed like they really loved being able to share that experience together, though.

  • Pregnant & In Love


    These two have always been really photogenic. And while Jinger was pregnant with Felicity, they took some seriously beautiful photos, like this one. Everything, from Jinger's bump to the way they look at each other, is just too perfect.

  • 31 Weeks With Spurgeon


    When Jessa was 31 weeks pregnant with her first kiddo, she took plenty of mirror photos, including this one, to show off her bump. She looked amazing when she was about to become a mama for the first time. Now she's about to become a mom of three -- she's changed so much since then!

  • Showing Off Her Potbelly


    Jinger shared this photo, joking that you get that bump after you eat at Potbelly. But bump or no bump, this gal is gorgeous. Pregnancy looked great on her! 

  • Hanging With Her Buddy, Jackson


    How cute are Jinger and her little bro, Jackson? He was so tiny back then! And Jill looked absolutely gorgeous in her makeup and with her hair in an updo. 

  • Bumpin' in the Mirror


    Jessa was all about those bump photos with that first pregnancy. This time around, she hasn't been sharing quite as many, and we get it -- she's busy with two little ones full of energy these days! But it's fun to look back at the months when she and Ben were preparing to welcome Spurgeon into the world.

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