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  • Anna Duggar shared a photo all the way back in November from the airport, which included Lauren Caldwell in the posse. 

    That's Lauren, all the way over on the left.

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  • Then again, family friend and photographer Madison Nicole denied Lauren is dating Jason after posting a photo of her on Instagram.

    Madison shared this photo of Lauren on social media, and when asked if she was dating Jason, she replied with an emphatic negative. Someone asked in the comments, "Is it the Lauren or you Madison that is getting married to the Duggar boy Jason?" and she replied directly with, "Neither." Of course she could be covering it up.

  • If Joe's brother and Kendra's sister really are looking to get married someday, it could mean "double cousins" in the family.

    When two siblings from one family marry two siblings from another family, the resulting kids are known as double cousins, and actually share the same amount of DNA as half-siblings, rather than just regular old cousins. Who knew after so many grandkids already that there could be another first for Jim Bob and Michelle's progeny?

    Nothing is official until an announcement is made, and it's totally possible that the speculation will lead nowhere ... we just won't be surprised if Lauren joins the family, too.