Amy Roloff Opens Up About Feeling Like a 'Failure' After Divorcing Matt

Amy Roloff

Anyone who watches Little People, Big World knows there's tension between Amy and Matt Roloff -- and that's putting it lightly at times. These two have had their ups and downs, whether disagreeing about their family farm or aspects of life in general. But there's still love and respect there as these two were married for close to 30 years. And from the sound of things, there might be some regrets. Amy is opening up about how her divorce made her feel like a "failure," and she's being extremely honest and transparent about it.

  • In her book A Little Me, Amy Roloff is opening up about her divorce from Matt and the regrets that came along with the territory.

    Amy filed for divorce from Matt in 2015 after 27 years of marriage. The couple, who have four children together (Molly, Jeremy, Zach, and Jacob), officially divorced a year later and have since moved on in new relationships.

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  • "At first I felt like a complete failure at one of the most important relationships in my life," she reveals.

    "It saddens me that my relationship had to end," Amy continues in her book about her divorce and regrets. "It was a living death, and there are moments I feel like I'm still grieving a loss. I regret keeping a lot of my thoughts and feelings to myself instead of expressing them in a constructive way. I regret that I was on the defense a lot instead of being more proactive."

  • "Many have asked if I have any regrets ... Absolutely."

    "I could have done things differently. But we both did what we thought was the right thing. However .... I'm glad I don't have the kind of regrets that would have kept me stuck in the mind-set of if only ... or should of, could of, would of kind of thoughts. I did at first .... But thankfully I got past that."
  • No matter her feelings about the past, Amy Roloff is enjoying her "second act" and looking ahead.

    "My second act is like a blank white canvas. And I get to choose how it will look," the reality star mom writes in her book. "I'm planning to paint it with bright, joyful colors. I don't want to feel sorry for myself for what I lost. Because that kind of thinking isn’t going to help me move on in life."

  • "... With failure, we need to allow ourselves to learn and grow from the experience," she notes in her book.

    "Out of the sadness of divorce I've found the Amy I kind of lost," she continues.

    Amen, Amy. Amen.