Jesse Williams's Ex Demands Additional $200,000 Amid Divorce Battle

Jesse Williams
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The divorce battle between Grey's Anatomy star Jesse Williams and ex Aryn Drake-Lee has been ongoing for more than two years, and it shows no signs of slowing down now. According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, Jesse is asking the court to deny Aryn's request for him to pay the legal fees she recently racked up in connection to their divorce ... to the tune of more than $200,000.

  • Last month, Aryn asked Jesse to pony up $100k for her lawyer and $110k for a forensic accountant she used in their divorce case.

    It sounds as if Jesse has had enough, because now, he's asking a judge to deny Aryn's request, claiming he's already paid $270,000 toward her legal fees -- and that he already pays her $100,000 a month in support already, which he says she's using to buy artwork.


    "This is not a free ride," Jesse reportedly said in the filing.

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  • Their trial is set for later this year, but judging by how things have gone so far, it probably won't be pretty.

    Jesse Williams, Aryn Drake-Lee
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    Jesse and Aryn's divorce proceedings began in 2017. Together, they have two children -- Maceo, 3, and Sadie, 5. The Blast added that they have joint custody of their kids, based around Jesse's Grey's shooting schedule.

  • Some people are convinced that Aryn is taking advantage of Jesse.

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    A lot of people have a pretty strong reaction to this. They think that Aryn should support herself and pay the bills on her own instead of asking Jesse for more money.

  • Others think it's only fair for Jesse to step up.

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    It's obviously hard to know exactly what happened in the early years of Jesse and Aryn's relationship -- back before he was the celeb we know today -- but it's probably safe to assume that she played a role in helping him build his career. A judge has already granted her $100k in monthly support, and now, it's up to a judge to decide if these legal fees should be paid, too.

  • Whatever happens next, we hope they leave the kids out of it.

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    So far, this divorce has been a messy one, and Maceo and Sadie don't deserve that. Hopefully, this gets wrapped up quickly -- and with the least amount of drama as possible.

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