20 Kylie Jenner Looks That Give Us Spring Vibes

Kayla Gleeson | May 14, 2019 Celebrities
20 Kylie Jenner Looks That Give Us Spring Vibes

kylie jenner white spring

Spring is a time for the new! New flowers, new colors, new beginnings, and most importantly, new Kylie Cosmetics! Seasonally, Kylie Jenner always has new looks up her sleeve for any and all occasions, but we can't help but notice a pattern in how pink everything is. Her photo shoots, makeup -- and sometimes her own hair -- are usually decorated with pastels and vivid colors.

It even extends to her fashion sense -- sure, it's not exactly common to see Kylie parading around in florals, but something about Kylie's bright and colorful aesthetic really gives us spring vibes -- even when it's not spring!

There was a time when Kylie was practically a walking rainbow -- her hair has basically been every color that has ever existed. There's no creative tendency that's out of bounds for this Jenner -- which is why her personality is really what puts the sun in the sky! For real, is there anyone in the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan who would think to dress up as a butterfly? It takes a mind that's always in spring mode to conjure up something like that.

Of course, little Stormi Webster certainly helps to keep things bright, and Kylie just celebrated her second Mother's Day as a mom. Needless to say, there are a lot of reasons for Kylie to smile this spring -- and our favorite thing about her is that she never waits for the season to celebrate!

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