Josh & Anna Duggar Are Making a Big Change for Their Family

Anna Duggar Family

Time for a change? Josh and Anna Duggar are trying to sell their Arkansas farmhouse, although it looks like they're having some trouble finding a buyer. The parents of five just dropped the price on their five-bedroom home by $10K, suggesting that they're looking to offload it quickly. 

  • According to, Josh and Anna just dropped the price on their home from $299,000 to $289,000.

    The five-bedroom house is almost 3,000 square feet, and features an open kitchen with bar seating, and a family room with an adjacent formal dining room. It's on a 2-acre lot, and has a large front porch with views of the national forest. It's also advertised as being close to both Sam's Club and Walmart.

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  • Anna showed off the outside of her lovely home on Instagram a few months ago, with a cute video of her son Michael sledding. 

  • Neither Josh nor Anna have opened up about why or where they're planning to move, but we have some theories. 

    One is that their family is growing again, which wouldn't be a total surprise, given that they seem pretty committed to having as many child as God sees fit to give them. While 3,000 square feet and five bedrooms seems awfully big, when you have 18 siblings who are all now starting to have their own kids, too, we bet quarters get cramped when the family comes over to visit. 

    Another reason they might be moving is to relocate. Before Josh's multiple sex scandals in 2015, he worked as a family values lobbyist (ironic, we know) in Washington, D.C. They moved back to Arkansas after Josh spent seven months in rehab for his alleged sex addiction, but are they looking to fly the coop again? We're pretty sure his tenure as a family values advocate is long since over.

  • Whatever they're doing, it's clear they want to speed the process along.

    Ten grand is a big price drop, so they obviously are eager to get the house sold. We hope it goes smoothly for Anna -- she's got enough on her plate.