Jinger Duggar Called Out for Putting Baby Felicity in Harm's Way

Jinger Duggar, Felicity Vuolo

She can't catch a break! Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo is getting mom-shamed on social media again, and we seriously cannot believe how ridiculous people can be. Jinge is mom to 9-month-old Felicity, and apparently, she can't even play with her daughter or pose for a cute photo without someone getting upset about it. 

  • The Counting On star shared a sweet picture with her baby girl on a swing this week on Instagram.

    She captioned it "Hello Spring!" along with a hibiscus flower emoji, and she tagged her cousin Amy (Duggar) King's clothing line, 31310 Clothing. Jinger has a lot on her plate right now, as she and her husband Jeremy Vuolo are preparing to relocate from Laredo, Texas, to Los Angeles, so we're sure she appreciated the playtime with her baby. 

    Plus Felicity looks so cute on that swing, and did anyone else notice that she's wearing baby jeans?? We knew Jinger wouldn't wait long to put her daughter in jeans.

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  • But because everyone is a critic, someone had to attack Jinge in the comments for being a negligent parent.

    Child safety? Really? Felicity is obviously not sitting in the swing by herself. Jinger is holding her up and posing her for a picture. It's a fun thing that parents like to do with their babies -- make them do "big kid" things, and dream about the future and who their kid is going to grow up to be. More people like this commenter should try it.

  • Thankfully, most people had Jinger's back on this.

  • Commenters immediately stood up for Jinge on this issue, and our faith in humanity was at least mostly restored. It's hardly the first time she's been mom-shamed either. Just a couple of months ago, people were up in arms that Felicity was playing with a water bottle. Yup, that happened.

  • We hope the mom-shamers don't get Jinger down.

    She's doing a great job raising Felicity, no matter what creepers on the Internet say.